Shen Dan Gong

Shen Dan Gong is a Qigong Form from the lineage from the Daoist Chinese Alchemy Practice. It belongs to soft Qigong (Neidan) which concentrate to build up a innner perl. Shen Dan Gong is one part of a Trilogy consist of: 1. 8 Brocate Qigong 2. Taxi Gong 3. Shen Dan Gong.

Dan means that a high energy (Qi) is becoming more and then getting condensed and comprised. The aim of this Qigong is to get more high frequent and purified energy, like a super gasoline, into the body and keep it there. The use of this high quality energy is to be balancing the body system and for inner strengthening and healing. This high purified, condensed energy, which we absorb from the universe and then concentrating like a Qi-ball in your Dantian (point in our body under the navel). Shen Dan means that this Qigong is not only about to have such strong energy but also to combine this energy with our positive heart, mind. Therefore the result of Shen Dan Gong can be a high level concentrated energy ball, which has positive mind power inside.

The main aim of this Qigong is to build up in a short time a strong and high quality, purified Qi. This Qi is foundation for inner strength, healing and the growing up for healing power. With this Qi it is possible to quickly to open the Meridian and acupuncture points. Disease can be healed especially exhaustion, weakness and disease of aging. As we work directly with the energy of the universe, which we absorb from outside, it is possible to cure and balance exhaustion quickly. Everybody can grow up the Qi Level, which is normal only possible for someone who practice Qigong for many years. This Qigong can give also all other forms of Qigong a push so that they the abilities and the progress in learning can be doubled. Therefore it can be good to practice Shen Dan Gong for some month and then continue with your other forms.

The practice Shen Dan Gong we can divided into 3 part:
a) to build up a energy ball (Shen Dan) in our Dantian (energy center)
b) The Shen Dan will be moved inside and outside of our body, afterwards our 3 Dantians will be connected to one Dantian.
c) Use the skill trained by Shen Dan Gong: build up a Qi field, healing and strengthening.

The class offers you a clear and step by step detailed teaching into the Shen Dan Gong. You will get personally training and adjustment of the movements so that you will get being familiar with the movements and becoming confidence with it. The teaching can be always adjusted to the personal conditions and need. So it is possible to do this movements sitting on a chair. The teaching will be round up by a daoistic healing session in which everybody will can deeply relax and get a deep recovery in the whole human system.

The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters, who is Qigong practitioner for more than 25 years and who had learned different kind of Qigong styles. In the last 10 years he is training and teaching only the Qigong form from Master Yang and Zou. Beside this Mathias Wolters is well trained for nearly 20 years in Chinese Medicine and had had a clinic in Germany for about 18 years practicing Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and other Chinese methods.