Natural Movements

Natural Movements are invented and composed through many years by my Dzogchen Master Zou, who has be trained over years in all kinds of Qigong, Gongfu, Daoism and Buddhism. These Natural Movements proceed from Dao Yin, Gongfu and the Vividness of the Dao.
The Natural Movements can offer us a way to find back to the vividness of the Dao. They are designed to open our heart again and let us feel that we are connected to the universe and move together with heaven and earth. By practicing the Natural Movements our heart gets open without borders and our body gets rid of stagnations so that then our inner spirit can show up in the movements.
The naturalness and vividness of the movements will let us feel a wave moving in our body, like a water wave inside us. This force will become so big that it moves also outside of our body and will show us the vividness of our body, which we have not seen, experience before. Our heart gets open like a flow with the feeling of having not borders anymore. Happiness, joyfullness and clearness coming up as well.
A new Spirit can show up in our life which can help us to go through our life problems. We can experience a power which wants to show up with clearness, lifelyness, happyness and boundlessness like we enjoy a nice wind and the open space of a beautiful landscape.

In the Natural Movements we have different levels to achieve. First we need to learn the correct movements with the important keypoints. Then we enjoy the feeling of the movements and the opening of our heart, let it flow naturally, soft and like a wind. If we understand these keypoints our natural vividness will grow up and unfold itself. The next step is that while we are doing very relaxed the Natural Movements we show the power with our body and express it in the movements. So the movements are never empty, they are always filled up by the Qi wave. The completeness of all aspets while practicing the Natural Movements will show up then our spirit. With all the movements we express the vivid, positive, fresh spirit which lead us to boundlessness and a deep connection with the nature. It will let us feel more openness and give us a more meaningfull life.

The set of movements is structure into four parts. The first part are the movements for opening our body and heart. The second part is a set to open all our joints and feel the joints like a spring, so that all stagnation getting out of the joints. In the third and main part we have a set of movements where we can experience the water wave and that our spirit is showing up into our life. The last part of the Natural Movements are movements call Fajing, which bring our inner power quickly out. This can help us for example to go through obstacles and problems in life more easily.

The Natural Movements do not concentrate much to focus our Qi into a Qi-ball like in Qigong exercises. Here in the Natural movements we can experience the strong force of a waterwave or a wind which open our life, our heart and let us become boundless. So the Natural Movements are more about to feel and experience and then trust that vividness of Life inside us which connects us deeply again to nature.

The class offers you a clear and step by step detailed teaching into the Natural Movements. You will get personally training and adjustment of the movements so that you will get being familiar with the movements and becoming confidence with it.

The teaching will be round up by a daoistic healing session in which everybody will can deeply relax and get a deep recovery in the whole human system.

The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters, who is Qigong practioner for more than 25 years and who had learned different kind of Qigong. In the last 10 years he is training and teaching only the Qigong form from Master Yang and Zou. Beside this Mathias Wolters is well trained for nearly 20 years in Chinese Medicine and had had a clinic in germany for about 18 years practicing Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and other Chinese methods.