The Tibetmoto Tours Travel Concept

Everything starts with your travel request!

Good and informative advice with reliable and timely information via email and / or telephone is our priority. Thanks to our local knowledge and transparent terms and conditions, we offer you valuable first-hand information, because our offices are directly on site in India, China and Thailand.

With us you get everything you need for your trip – excellent travel advice, all tour bookings, your own tour guide and on-site services. Being a tour operator enables us to ensure the same high standard on all tours – private and group tours. Do not hesitate to contact us! We advise you individually, create your personal adventure and make your trip unforgettable!

Not sure which tour you want to book? To make the decision easy, we have classified our motorcycle tours.

Parts of the route are not paved. The tracks vary in quality, but in general they are manageable gravel surfaces. There may be sand or pebbles on the track from time to time. The ratio of unpaved to paved roads does not exceed 10/90.

Parts of the route – up to a day’s rides – are not paved. In addition to good natural tracks, there are also tracks that were once paved and where the asphalt has crumbled. These are marked by potholes and bumps. Longer passages may be covered with sand and/or pebbles. The unpaved/paved ratio is around 20/80.

Like 2., but more demanding and up to 40% tracks.

The entire route is paved and in good condition. Mostly two lane roads. The ride is easy, and even winding roads do not present a great challenge.

Most of the route is on good, paved roads. Two-lane roads alternate with narrow, single-lane mountain roads. Riders should be comfortable with hairpin bends and narrow, winding roads. Rough surfaces, potholes and the occasional unpaved road shouldn’t be a problem.

These routes feature the most challenging, winding mountain roads with a variety of surfaces. Narrow, often single-track roads with hairpin bends offer challenges for experienced riders. Focus and stamina are essential.

Visiting a sight or attraction every few days

At least one sight or attraction per day

Two or more sights or attractions per day

With some short breaks and stops for photos, not counting breaks for lunch, which last about 1 – 1.5 hour/s.

Average figures for general orientation:

4-5 hours per day

5-7 hours per day

7-9 hours per day

Four Ways to Travel

We prepare our adventure tours carefully, yet they still have scope for unforeseen events. In particular the high-altitude terrain and its forces of nature, remote regions or foreign peoples can always offer new experiences or challenges. According to the motto “The journey is the reward”, we offer a spectacular riding experience with team spirit, as well as fun in new situations on slopes and unpaved road conditions. We also plan a simply overnight stay in exiting, remote locations – pure adventure!

On our discovery tours, we create a balance between riding time, riding fun, dreamy landscapes and carefully selected country and mountain roads. You will get to know the country and its people, as well as discover foreign customs and cultures. Those keen to explore will get their money’s worth here: Sights such as temples or half-forgotten ruined cities can be explored from the back of a motorcycle – without having to forego the comfort of a beautiful accommodation.

Riding a motorcycle and relax? Why not? On these tours there is a lot of time to relax in selected hotels, mountain resorts or beach bungalows after exciting riding days. The daily riding distances are manageable and the terrain is less demanding. This leaves more time to enjoy, relax and get to know the country, its culture and sights.

Would you like to experience this tour as a private trip with your friends or family? Luxury or “the hard way”? – No problem. We would be happy to advise you in detail and individually. We can also shorten or lengthen your selected tour and adapt it to your wishes in terms of routing and hotels. If you are interested, look out for this symbol!