About Tibetmoto Tours

Motorcycle Adventure in Tibet, China & South Asia

Our enthusiasm for China and Tibet, and for the breathtaking landscapes, the cities, and especially the people and their cultures, has not dimmed with the passage of time. It draws us back again and again. What could be more natural than wanting to share this enthusiasm with others? The desire to share was the beginning of the idea of organising tours ourselves and giving, in this way, our knowledge and experience to others. Since 2010, we have been offering an extensive programme of guided tours by motorcycle and off-roader vehicles, as well as on foot, travelling through the Middle Kingdom and Tibet. Close encounters included.

China Office:
Dali Yema Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd.
No. 14 Nanmenxincun, 671003 Dali Old Town, Dali, Yunnan Province
People´s Republic of China

Thailand Office:
Classic Bike Adventure Co., Ltd.
153/22, No 8, Nongchom, Sansai,
Chiang Mai 50210, Thailand
Thailand Commercial Register Number: 0505562017968
Tourism of Thailand License Number: 21/00947

European Union Office:
8, 1st Apriliou, Aristo Center
Block B, Off. 203
8011 Pafos, Paphos, Cyprus
Commercial Register Number: HE 407549

Tibetmoto is official partner of BMW Motorrad and operates all motorbike tours with certified BMW Motorrad tourguides who passed the selctive training of the BMW International Tourguide Academy. All Tibetmoto tours meet the high standard of BMW Motorrad in terms of professional guide service, condition of the motorbikes, accommodations, meals and of course safety.

Tibetmoto Tours in China

Tibetmoto Tours wurde im Jahr 2010 in der tibetischen Altstadt von Shangri-la in der Südwest-Chinesischen Provinz Yunnan gegründet. Nach einer anfänglichen Startphase mit zahlreichen Scouting- und Expeditions-Touren in die Provinzen Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai und Guangxi haben wir die ersten Touren ab 2011 veranstaltet. Der Ort Shangri-la liegt an den Ausläufern des Himalaya auf 3.300 Metern Höhe und ist der optimale Ausgangspunkt für Motorrad-Touren in diese landschaftlich einmalige Region; im Norden grenzt Shangri-la an Tibet, im Süden an die chinesisch geprägten Subtropen. Zudem ist Shangri-la umgeben von wilden Bergketten, Grasland, tiefen Schluchten wie der Tigersprungschlucht und von den mächtigen Flüssen Yangtze und Mekong. Ein perfekter Start- und Endpunkt für Motorradtouren in China und Tibet.

Tibetmoto Tours in Thailand

In 2019 eröffnete Tibetmoto Tours eine neue Firma mit Lizenzen des Department of Business Development (DBD) und Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Die neue Motorrad-Basis mit angeschlossener Garage und Workshop befindet sich in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Von hier aus werden Motorrad-Touren in die Region Thailand und Südostasien organisiert, viele Touren starten oder enden in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai liegt im gebirgigen Norden von Thailand in der Nähe vom Goldenen Dreieck und grenzt an Myanmar und Laos. Die Grenzen zu China, Vietnam und Kambodscha sind nicht weit entfernt und bieten endlose Möglichkeiten für Motorradtouren in einem der schönsten und vielfältigsten Gebiete der Welt.

Tibetmoto Tours ist die Schwesterfirma von Classic Bike Adventure. Viele Touren werden gemeinsam durchgeführt und organisiert. So tauschen wir unser Know-How gegenseitig aus und bilden unser Team grenzübergreifend aus – damit das Rad nich zweimal erfunden werden muss.


Tibetmoto Tours ist auch für viele internationale Reiseveranstalter ein Partner für China, Tibet und Thailand inbound Touren. Wir haben derzeit Kooperationen mit knapp einem Dutzend Firmen von 5 Kontinenten. Für unsere Partner weltweit können wir alle Touren anpassen oder erstellen neue maßgeschneiderte Touren.

Everything from one source

Our customers can get it all from Tibetmoto. Planning, booking and travel management are all done by our team. Our biggest plus is the fact that we, as a full-service travel company, can offer service not only in Germany but also in our offices in Tibet and China. Because of this, we can react immediately and take care of all your requirements—including, naturally, perfect command of the local language wherever the trip takes you.

Individuality is our highest priority

Tourism for the masses is not one of our products. We have specialised in tours for small groups and individuals and we organise many motorcycle and off-roader tours for people who are driving themselves. Our personal, client-centric consultations before starting are of the greatest importance. We will plan unique trips for you to the most beautiful sightseeing spots and we will make it possible for you to realise your special travel wishes.

Tibetmoto Tours through China and Tibet!

If you like to rough it, we can recommend our expeditions where you, for example, could camp out with Tibetan nomads by lakes, rivers or in the desert. If you prefer the more comfortable approach, then choose a trip where you stay in boutique hotels and inns. Our trip modules make it possible for us to tailor our motorcycle or off-roader tours to every individual wish. And this includes special offers for families with special activities for the children.

Where other tour operators just do a drive-by of attractions and you only have time to take a couple of photos, we will stop and take the time to get to know the local culture and nature, the religion, or the village life. We make it possible for our customers to have special experiences and to get a deeper look at the land and the people. Whether you stay overnight with a Tibetan family on the banks of the Mekong river, cross one of the deepest gorges in Yunnan, or do a hiking trip around the holy mount of Kailash in Tibet—because of our experience and our intimate knowledge of the travel destinations, every tour turns into a unique experience.

Take the time to have a closer look at the different tour offers here on our homepage, or put together your very own personal tour using our tour modules. Arrange a personal consultation with us or send us your wishes with the contact form—destinations, activities, and your travel style. And let us know what kind of vehicle you want for the trip.

We look forward to hearing from you!