Company Introduction and Philosophy

The inherent values of ethics, sustainability, safety, and a profound respect for natural and cultural resources are the key components of Tibetmoto’s corporate philosophy. This philosophy, in turn, drives it to practice responsible and eco-friendly tourism that firmly adheres to the “Leave No Trace Principles”.

Driven by a strong desire to “give back” to the very community that it promotes, Tibetmoto channels the money it expends on tours directly into the hands of the locals who live in the area. For example, it hires Tibetans in Tibet and locals in other parts of the country, and also prefers to partner with businesses managed by locals as opposed to outsiders.

The company envisages the creation of a model environment in which villages are clean and safe. To provide an impetus to each local society in this endeavor, it frequently hires its locals to keep the village surroundings clean of plastic or trash whilst also teaching them the pitfalls of simply throwing things away into nature or burning plastic trash. Tibetmoto also helps local communities by engaging in safety teaching as well as by giving away free motorbike and construction helmets on every tour in order to reduce the incidence of people in villages dying due to motorbike crashes or logging accidents.

Tibetmoto works directly with its customers – meaning no intermediaries are involved – thereby ensuring a seamless experience that is also personal, fast, reliable, and highly communicative. Moreover, since Tibetmoto is based in China, it is able to offer the most reliable and highest quality services at the lowest prices while, at the same time, not being a budget company which cuts corners.

Being a German-run company, it understands the cultural nuances, diverse perspectives, and consequent needs of its mainly Western customers and clients better than any Asian company could, thus guaranteeing a high degree of customer satisfaction as well.

Any kind of tour within China, Tibet and Laos – no matter how simple or extravagant – can be specially and meticulously customized to each customer’s individual needs. Moreover, not only are the top highlights of China and Tibet explored in each tour, the hidden gems – even of the most “touristy” destinations – are uncovered also.

Tibetmoto affords its customers an enriching experience at the grassroots level in China and Tibet, transporting them directly to the heart of village life. It introduces customers to locals, shows them their way of life, and even invites clients into locals’ houses for meals and, sometimes, overnight stays. As a result, this unique amalgamation of experiences transforms travellers from mere visitors to active participants who get a true taste of local life at each and every destination they visit.

The DNA of Tibetmoto’s culture and its core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, and leadership ensure that it remains aligned to its 360-degree view of the customer as well as truly committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in its field.

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We know Tibet, Southeast Asia and China intimately – each route is carefully planned, tested and selected. Just like the hotels, sights and restaurants.

Our own fleet of BMW motorcycles and enduro bikes are waiting for you. Technically perfect and equipped with travel equipment such as side boxes and crash bars.

English speaking guides on own motorcycle guide you. With their many years of experience, you can rely on them 100%. In addition, a first-class road manager and local guides are there to assist you.

All trips are accompanied by an experienced mechanic. If a repair cannot take place on site, you will continue on a replacement bike. A comfortable service vehicle is available for passengers and luggage.

The tours are adapted to recommended acclimatization times at high altitudes. In an emergency, a team trained in first aid and a service vehicle are at your side.

Tibetmoto Tours is a German managed company based in the European Union, China and Thailand. With our local offices in Asia, we have unique access to all destinations and with our headquarters in the E.U. our customers enjoy booking security.