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– the “land of smiles” deserves its name for a reason! There is hardly a country where the locals are as friendly and helpful as here. Especially Bikers experience this unique friendliness of the locals on their overland motorcycle tour through the country.

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that, unlike its neighbors, has never been colonized by the Western powers. That’s why the name “Thailand” was given to the country, which translates as much as “land of the free”. We can totally confirm that without a doubt, because every motorcycle rider can feel it here – absolutely freedom on two wheels.

Riding in the Land of Smiles


05.02. – 19.02.2022 // 05.11. – 19.11.2022

Our Northern Thailand motorcycle tour invites explorers to discover tropical Thailand and a fascinating culture off the beaten track in the mountainous north of the country – and on unique mountain roads that are unparalleled in Asia! Discover sleepy little towns, remote villages and get to know adventurous routes. Marvel at jungle-covered hills and mountains, some covered in fog, rice fields and fantastic landscapes with tea and coffee plantations and of course the Mekong, lifeline of Southeast Asia.

Tour Overview

2 Tours in 2022
15 Days

The Lanna Kingdom


Experience a unique mixture of nature, adventure and tradition in the ancient Lanna Kingdom! You will ride along the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and visit the mystic Golden Triangle and the mighty Mekong River. Experience the diversity of landscapes as you marvel at the breathtaking mountains roads and low-lying plains and meet people from different ethnic groups. If you wan to discover the highlights of the north off the beaten track, its culture and people, this motorcycle tour is the right choice for you!

Tour Overview

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10 Days

Guided Overland Motorcycle Tours through Thailand

Thailand is a country full of diversity and opportunities. The fine sandy beaches of the tropical south are the paragon of perfect classic beach holidays and the mountain areas of the north, which are difficult to access, are home to some of the region’s most impressive rain forests and traditional Thai life. All of this makes Thailand the perfect destination for Bikers who want to combine a motorbike tour with a dream vacation. Our Thailand overland motorbike tour promises the unique opportunity of inspiring impression of the uniqueness of Thailand and to experience all the highlights of the north.

On our Thailand overland motorbike tour, emerald-green rice fields, jungle-covered hills and mountains covered in fog will await you. Especially the the wild mountains of the far north offers fantastic roads, such as the Mae hon Son Loop or the famous Route 1148 with their uniquely relaxed winding roads in breathtaking natural surroundings.

The fantastic views of the highest mountains in Thailand and the exotic places with Buddhist culture, remote villages like those of the Karen minority (long-necked women) on the Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour will never let you forget. Thailand is full of history and events – whether the historic temple ruins at Sukhothai, the former Japanese bases in Khun Yuam or the army barracks at Thoed Thai – on our Thailand Lanna Kingdom Motorbike Tour we discover all the highlights of the north.

Thailand is the perfect country for inspiration and serenity in dialogue. An overland motorcycle tour in Thailand inspires you – you will not only experience a journey through the country, as well as a journey to yourself. In the alternative small town of Pai, it is particularly easy to relax – on the colorful night market or in the numerous cafes and Restaurants. The surrounding area invites you to a discovery tour on the raft through the waterfalls and gorges of Pai.

An incredible experience is waiting for you!

Thailand is waiting for you!

Thailand also impresses with its magnificent temples and gold-shimmering palaces. Every temple looks different but all are impressive and inspiring in their own way, like Thailand’s most beautiful temple in Chiang Mai.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai which is definitely be a part of our program of the Thailand motorbike tour through the north. We guarantee delicious food and first-class hotels and resorts in which every long day of driving can be perfectly rounded off. It is not without reason that Thai cuisine is among the best in the world. It is characterized above all by its diversity in ingredients and flavors. No wishes remain unfulfilled on the motorbike tour in Thailand – we guarantee that!

Experience the colorful diversity of Thailand. Come with us on our Thailand motorbike tour, let yourself be inspired by religion, let yourself be carried away by the Mekong, let yourself be guided by the endless curves, drift by the wind and liven up the experiences! Come on the adventure of a lifetime, discover a breathtaking country, explore fascinating people and experience unforgettable landscapes.

Questions & Answers

Will every tour take place exactly as described in the tour itinerary?2021-01-08T23:13:47+01:00

All our itineraries give you a good overview what you will experience and discover when booking with tibetmoto. The itineraries are nevertheless best understood if they are seen as a suggestion rather than as a 100% planned and a thousand times done way of traveling. We like to keep every tour, every adventure, every trip unique and special. We are proud to say that we have never done a trip two times exactly the same way. Our team does not like to offer mainstream tourism tours, and we believe that people enjoy their time best when they have freedom and possibilities to choose from. Freedom and flexibility are very good ingredients to cook an exceptional discovery or adventure, to meet unusual people and visit off-the-beaten-track places.

How do I pay in Thailand?2021-01-08T23:13:37+01:00

American Express, Visa and Master Card are widely used in Thailand. Cash is only accepted in baht (Thai currency). However, it is relatively easy to change euros or US dollars at a exchange point in the larger tourist areas in Thai Baht.

Do I need a visa for Thailand?2021-01-08T23:13:27+01:00

Most European nationalities do not require a visa to visit Thailand and receive a visa-free stay of up to 30 days upon arrival in Thailand.

Which documents do I need?2020-11-11T22:33:35+01:00

With the registration for the Thailand motorcycle tour we need a scanned copy of the passport of the participant with the personal details. A condition for participation in the tour is an internationally valid driving license for motorcycles over 500 cc.

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