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Thailand Tour

I’ve been to Thailand many times, but unfortunately more in the south near the beaches. A motorcycle tour in the north therefore offered some new insights into the country. I can only warmly recommend this motorcycle tour!

Henry I.

Endless Curves at the Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour in Northern Thailand

Riding in the Land of Smiles – Chiang Mai Motorbike Tour

Our Northern Thailand motorcycle tour is the ultimate adventure for riders looking to discover the tropical beauty and rich culture of the mountainous north of Thailand. Experience the thrill of riding on unique mountain roads that are unparalleled in Asia and explore sleepy towns, remote villages and adventurous routes. Be mesmerized by the jungle-covered hills and mountains, misty tea and coffee plantations, and the mighty Mekong River, the lifeline of Southeast Asia. Northern Thailand offers a pure blend of stunning tropical landscapes, roaring waterfalls and winding rivers. This tour is a dream come true for any rider!

The famous “Road 1148” in Nan, with its hundreds of rapidly following curves, is one of the best motorcycle roads in Thailand and is just as much a part of our program as the famous “Mae Hong Son Loop”. Discover the culture and temple metropolis of Chiang Mai, located in the mountainous triangle of Thailand, Burma and Laos, where our journey starts and ends. These curvy experiences through dreamy landscapes will be unforgettable! The Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet, is steeped in myths and legends due to its turbulent past, when vast poppy fields were primarily used to produce opium. However, in recent years, Thailand has managed to replace the poppy seeds with coffee beans and tea plants, and has developed the Golden Triangle as a tourist highlight.

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On our Thailand motorbike tour through the north of Thailand, you will also get a unique insight into Southeast Asian culture. Taste local specialties, enjoy great hotels and resorts, experience boat trips, explore the Sukhothai UNESCO World Heritage Site and get up close to mountain peoples (including the Long Neck Tribe) and their customs. Be inspired by the magnificent temples and a mystical religion and immerse yourself in the moving history of the country. Experience the Golden Triangle on an exciting Thailand motorcycle tour and discover all the highlights of the north!

Our Northern Thailand Motorbike Tour starts at Chiang Mai International Airport, which has many connections to Bangkok, Asian countries and Europe. After a night in a wonderfully located resort in the city’s countryside, we jump on our bikes and head towards the Golden Triangle. An exploration ride takes us through the unique landscape of the Golden Triangle, where we soon come across the Mekong – the border river between Thailand and Laos, which we follow a good way after Phu Chi Fah. Here in the early morning, you will have a fantastic view of a cloud valley filled with fog. Around Nan, we enjoy one of the most beautiful streets in Southeast Asia, the “Road 1148”. In Nan, we take a rest day, which we can either spend relaxing or exploring the salt mines of Bo Klua. Then it’s on to Sukhothai, an important era in Thai history that has greatly influenced Thai culture and Buddhist art. The former glory of Sukhothai still shines through the many impressive ruins that we can visit in the Sukhothai Historic Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Fantastic mountain roads on the Mae Hong Son Loop lead us through lush green rice fields to the Burmese border. We find ourselves in the middle of the jungle and enjoy the tropical surroundings before continuing to Doi Inthanon, Thailand´s highest mountain standing 2565 meters above sea level. The road leads us across wild mountain ranges. A journey to the ethnic groups of Thailand and the diverse culture of the country, makes this tour truly unforgettable! Finally, we will end the tour with a visit to the charming “Hippie town” of Pai, known for its laid-back atmosphere and vibrant nightlife before reaching Chiang Mai again. Join us for a North Thailand motorcycle tour of your dreams, where you’ll experience the perfect blend of adventure and culture, breathtaking landscapes and unique mountain roads, all while immersing yourself in the fascinating culture of the Land of Smiles.

5 stars

5 stars for this tour. The organization was very good. The previous conversation helped me a lot to decide on this tour. The roads were very easy to ride on and, despite my age, easy for me to do.

Reinhold W.

Great Biker Tour

Thailand is a very beautiful country to ride a motorcycle. The tour offered a lot of variety, which made the trip a great experience.

Tom K.

North Thailand Tour Highlights

  • Ride to the legendary Golden Triangle, visit the most famous temples with fantastic views
  • Ride on the famous Route 1148 with wonderful views of Thailand’s highest mountains
  • The mountain roads and landscapes near Nan and a visit to the Bo Kluea salt mines
  • Mount Inthanon (2,565m) and its vast highlands
  • Visit the picturesque ruins of Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site set in a historical park
  • The gorgeous Mekong on the Laotian border
  • Chiang Mai, northern Thailand’s metropolis and historic temple city
  • The unique Mae Hong Son Loop, perfect roads with well over 1,000 curves
  • Rafting in Pai and Soppong
  • Excellent mid-range hotels and resorts, often boutique style with pool throughout the tour
  • Visit WWII Japanese base and museum at Khun Yuam
  • Excursion to the Karenni Minority (Long Neck Women)
  • The Temple of Thatom with a magnificent view of the Kok River valley
  • Guided tour of the mountain village of Lorcha, of the Akha minority
  • Visit to the Thoed Thai army barracks and its Burmese war history

03.11. – 16.11.

02.02. – 15.02.
02.11. – 15.11.

Honda CB 500:
2024: 3.280€
2025: 3.380€

Honda CB 650:
Suzuki V-Strom 650:
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650:
2024: 3.480€
2025: 3.580€

Pillion: 2.680€
Single Room: +690€

14 days / 13 nights / 11 riding days

Accommodation in mid-range hotels and guest houses.

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Chiang Mai Motorbike Tour With Golden Triangle – Media Library

Great Thailand Tour!

It was a lot of fun to ride through Thailand with the group. The motorcycles ran great and we didn’t need our mechanic at all. But he made sure that we were in a good mood! Our guide knew his way around and everything went perfectly on the tour. I recommend the tour.

Alfred H.

Great organization

Everything went perfectly during the tour in Thailand. As a participant you could relax completely and enjoy the tour!

Leonie S.

I would book it again!

Since the guide knew his way around Thailand perfectly, everything went great. Neither of us had any problems with our bikes and the organization went very well. Keep it up Tibetmoto!

Karl K.

Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour in Northern Thailand – Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Chiang Mai

Arrival at Chiang Mai airport. Our guide awaits us at the exit of the customs and baggage hall and then takes us to the hotel during a 40-minute transfer. Welcome dinner with the crew and info meeting for your Thailand Golden Triangle Motorcycle Tour from Chiang Mai.

Day 2: Chiang Mai – Doi Mae Salong

We’ll kick off the journey with a thrilling ride on a beautiful country road, surrounded by lush forest landscapes as we head towards the small and secluded town of Phrao. Though it’s just 90 kilometers from Chiang Mai, Phrao feels like a world away, untouched by time and offering a glimpse into northern Thailand’s past. As we make our way to Thaton, we’ll pass by the border of Burma and take a pitstop at a temple above Thatorn, where we’ll be treated to a stunning view of the Kok River valley. After lunch in Thaton, we’ll head to the mountain village of Lorcha, home to the Akha minority. Here, we’ll have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and customs of the local people.

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The highlight of the day awaits as we make our way to the mountain of Doi Mae Salong and the historic Chinese village of Santi Khiri. With its rich history of opium dealers and mule caravans, Santi Khiri is sure to leave a lasting impression. If time permits, we’ll take a journey to the top of the golden pagoda, where we’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the village and the surrounding mountains.

Our day ends on a delicious note as we dine at a local specialty restaurant, savoring the flavors of northern Thailand. Join us now for a Thailand motorcycle tour like no other!

Duration: approx. 265 km

Day 3: Doi Tung & The Golden Triangle

Today´s winding road takes us through a zone that was once controlled by the Muang Thai Army and the infamous opium lord, Khun Sa. We visit the army barracks that served as his headquarters and learn about the intriguing history of this region. As we continue on our journey, we’ll make our way to the lush Doi Tung, known for its coffee and flower farms. We’ll take a stroll through the beautiful Mae Fah Luang garden before heading over the mountain top and down the valley on a narrow, steep but asphalt road. Our destination for lunch is the northernmost city in Thailand, Mae Sai.

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After lunch, we’ll rev up our engines and ride to the famous Golden Triangle, where the borders of Burma, Laos, and Thailand meet on the Mekong River. We’ll visit the historic Chiang Saen, the most important port on the Mekong River and the Wat Phra That Pha Ngao, a temple perched on a hilltop offering breathtaking views of the town, the Mekong River and Laos. We’ll also visit the Ubosot temple, known for its intricate wood carvings and paintings. Today´s ride concludes in Chiang Khong, a border town to Laos and the main crossing point from Northern Thailand to Laos via the Mekong River. Sip on a refreshing beverage as you take in the stunning views of the Mekong river from the comfort of our riverside resort.

Duration: approx. 220 km

Day 4: Phu Chi Fah – Nan

Breakfast on the hotel terrace with a view of the Mekong and the opposite Laos. Get ready for an exhilarating ride south along the Mekong River to Wiang Khaen. In Pang Hat, we’ll take a left turn and head towards the majestic Doi Patang. As we climb up, we’ll reach the highest parking lot, where we’ll take a short hike up the last 200 steps to reach the summit. Doi Patang, also known as ‘the gate to Siam’, offers a unique panoramic view of the impassable mountains of Laos and on a clear day, we can even see the Mekong River in the distance. After the descent, we’ll follow the road on the ridge to Phu Chi Fah. After a last steep stretch, we’ll park our bikes and take a hike to the top of the 700 meters to an imposing rock terrace.

The view from here is truly breathtaking, especially early in the morning when the mountain valleys below us fill with fog. Our journey takes us on all kinds of winding roads from Phu Chi Fah down into the valley, and then on the famous road 1148, which many motorcyclists consider to be the best route in Northern Thailand, weaving through alternating rice fields and hills to Nan.

Duration: approx. 310 km

Day 5: Nan & Bo Kluea Salt Mines

We’ll spend the day discovering the rich history and culture of this independent kingdom. First, we’ll visit Wat Phumin, known for its beautiful interior wall paintings depicting Thai-Lue minorities. Then, we’ll head to the National Museum of Nan, housed in an old teak palace built in 1903 and former residence of the last two feudal lords of Nan. For those looking for an adventure, we’ll embark on a 200 km motorcycle tour through the wild mountain region northeast of Nan, passing through the picturesque Doi Phu Kha National Park and a scenic pass, eventually reaching the salt mines of Bo Klua where we’ll witness traditional salt extraction methods. We’ll enjoy a simple lunch on the go, before returning to Nan for a comfortable overnight stay.

Duration: approx. 200 km

Day 6: Nan – Sukhothai

Rise and shine, riders! Today’s adventure on our Thailand motorcycle tour takes us on a journey through winding roads and breathtaking landscapes. We kick off the day with a well-paved and bustling route that leads us out of Nan and towards the south. Along the way, we’ll make pit stops to take in the stunning scenery and fuel up with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

As we continue on, we’ll navigate across lush hills and forests, leading us to the sprawling plains of Sukhothai, the ancient royal capital of Thailand. Get ready for an unforgettable day of twisty roads, serene views and a step back in time as we discover the rich history of this revered city.

Duration: approx. 290 km

Day 7: The Ruin of Sukhothai

Breakfast at the resort. Today, we embark on a journey back in time as we visit the Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This former royal capital of Thailand holds a wealth of history and culture, as evidenced by its well-preserved ruins of temples and palaces. Get a glimpse of the glory of the old kingdom of Sukhothai and explore the park on a bicycle provided by us or on foot. Discover the grandeur of Wat Mahathat, the royal temple with a giant chedi housing Buddha relics brought from Sri Lanka. Marvel at the impressive Wat Chang Lom, a huge bell-shaped chedi supported by 39 sculpted elephants. And be awestruck by the massive sitting Buddha image at Wat Sri Chum.

In the afternoon, you have the option to relax, swim in the hotel pool or indulge in a massage. As the sun sets, we head to the Chopper Bar, where we’ll enjoy dinner and live music on the rooftop terrace. We’ll spend the night at the luxurious Tharaburi Resort in a deluxe room. Get ready for an unforgettable day of history and adventure on our Thailand motorcycle tour.

Day 8: Sukhothai – Tha Song Yan

Today’s journey takes us through picturesque rice fields as we make our way to the north-south main axis. After crossing it, we’ll be crossing the Ping River in Tak and having a delicious lunch right by the river. The afternoon brings us many kilometers of breathtaking mountain riding with minimal traffic. We’ll be crossing an important mountain range and find ourselves right at the Burmese border. We’ll be following the border in a northerly direction to Tha Song Yang, a small town known for its stunning mountain views and border traffic with Burma. Today marks the first day of the famous Mae Hong Son Loop, an unforgettable ride awaits!”

Duration: approx. 320 km

Day 9: Doi Inthanon – Thailand’s Highest Mountain

Are you ready for an unforgettable ride to the top of Thailand’s highest mountain? Today’s adventure takes us straight into the heart of the mountains, along the Burmese border to the town of Mae Sariang. We’ll be crossing a mountain range on a challenging road before descending into a beautiful gorge. After a lunch break in a sleepy village, we’ll be tackling an extremely steep and narrow road as we make our way up to the summit of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand! But that’s not all, once we reach the summit, we’ll head down to a village of the Hmong minority where we’ll spend the night. The day is characterized by dreamy and wide panoramic landscapes. Over the mountains, you’ll have views of Burma and endless mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. Get a glimpse into the local way of life as we take a walk through an authentic Hmong village. From coffee cultivation to the type of construction, you’ll gain interesting insights into life on Thailand’s highest mountain.

Duration: approx. 330 km

Day 10: Mae Sariang – Mae Hong Son

Today we’ll be visiting the summit of Doi Inthanon, a mecca for motorcyclists and ornithologists alike. The national park on top of the mountain is home to an incredibly rich fauna and flora. After taking in the stunning views from the summit, we’ll be descending into the valley and taking on never-ending mountain routes to Khun Yuam. During World War II, Khun Yuam was an important base for the Japanese Air Force, and you’ll have the opportunity to see the grass runway and visit the small museum dedicated to World War II. The ride doesn’t end there, as we’ll be following kilometers of beautiful roads to Mae Hong Son, where we’ll be staying in a resort not far from this charming small town.

Duration: approx. 250 km

Day 11: Relax & Ride in Mae Hong Son

Start your day with a thrilling boat ride on the Pai River, as we journey to Ban Nam Pian Din, a village of the Padaung (giraffe women). The Padaung are part of the Kayah or Karenni tribe who reside in Burma, and due to ongoing military conflicts, many have fled across the border into Thailand and now live in “Long Neck Camps.” These women are known for their copper-colored rings around their necks, which press down the shoulder muscles and give them a “long-necked” or “giraffe women” appearance. After lunch at a local restaurant, spend your afternoon relaxing by the pool in an idyllic resort located in a cool little river valley. From here, you can explore the small town, or take an exciting “Jungle Trail” through the wild natural landscape. In the afternoon, we’ll visit the typical Burmese temples Wat Nong Jong Kam and Wat Jong Klang, located in the middle of the city on a beautiful lake. Later, we’ll stroll through the small night market. Dinner at a local restaurant by the small lake in town.

For those who want to keep riding, join us on a trip to Ban Rak Thai, a remote valley close to the Burmese border. The journey there first leads over a bamboo bridge that stretches over half a kilometer over the rice fields. After that, we’ll head straight into the mountains and steeply uphill until we reach Ban Rak Thai on the border with Burma. After a good rest and a refreshment drink, it’s back to Mae Hong Son.

Distance covered: 0-110km

Day 12: Mae Hong Son – Pai

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as we tackle 1048 curves on our way to the charming town of Pai, via Soppong and the Tham Lot caves. First, we’ll journey to the mysterious caves of Tham Lot in Soppong and float through the underground wonders on a raft. After refueling with a delicious local lunch, we’ll take on the winding roads once again and make a pit stop at a colorful market where the Lisu minority women showcase their unique goods, offering a breathtaking view of the mountains.

In the afternoon, we’ll finally arrive in the hippie haven of Pai. This charming town is a melting pot of different cultures and is famous for its vibrant art and music scene. 

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Take a stroll down the main street for a lively night market, live music, and delicious cocktails. And don’t miss out on dinner at a local restaurant before ending the night with a drink at one of the many bars in the center. Join us for an unforgettable day of adventure on our motorcycle tour!

Duration: approx. 140 km

Day 13: Pai – Chiang Mai

Immediately after breakfast, we hit the road and head back into the mountains for one final ride. We take a scenic, low-traffic road to the secluded, high mountain village of Wat Chan, where we make our first stop. From here, the road winds its way towards Chiang Mai, the final destination of our tour. As we get closer to Chiang Mai, the traffic becomes increasingly dense and chaotic. We arrive in the city later in the afternoon and leave our motorcycles behind as we transfer to our hotel by private van. It’s time to say goodbye to Thailand and our motorcycle tour, but the memories will last a lifetime. We will spend our last night in a stylish hotel in superior rooms in the middle of the old city, the center of Chiang Mai.

Duration: approx. 210 km

Day 14: Goodbye Thailand

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Chiang Mai Airport and end of the tour.

But the adventure doesn’t have to end here, you can extend your stay in Thailand and explore even more of what this beautiful country has to offer. Whether it’s immersing yourself in the culture and nightlife of Chiang Mai, or relaxing on the pristine beaches in the south, the options are endless.

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Included Services

  • Enjoy 13 nights of comfortable accommodation in good mid-range hotels and resorts, often featuring boutique styles with pools and bungalows
  • Delicious meals, including breakfast and dinner, often served in selected specialty restaurants or in the hotel resort
  • English speaking motorcycle tour guide on own motorcycle
  • English speaking professional and licensed Thai guide
  • Experienced motorcycle mechanic
  • Choose from a variety of motorcycle options to suit your preferences
  • All visits and entrance fees as described in the detailed tour program are included
  • Private A/C minibus for passenger and main luggage transport. The guide and the driver will take care of the luggage transport and each passenger is guaranteed a place in the support vehicle- You’ll also enjoy all fees, taxes, service charges, room taxes, baggage handling fees, mandatory liability insurance in Thailand and airport transfer service with A/C

Excluded Services

  • Snacks and drinks, lunch
  • Petrol for your own motorcycle
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Personal expenses such as tips (optional), souvenirs, telephone, laundry, minibar etc.,
  • Travel insurance package with accident, hospital and return transport insurance, luggage and liability insurance (it is strongly recommended to book such a package before traveling)

Questions & Answers

Will every tour take place exactly as described in the tour itinerary?2021-01-08T23:13:47+01:00

All our itineraries give you a good overview what you will experience and discover when booking with tibetmoto. The itineraries are nevertheless best understood if they are seen as a suggestion rather than as a 100% planned and a thousand times done way of traveling. We like to keep every tour, every adventure, every trip unique and special. We are proud to say that we have never done a trip two times exactly the same way. Our team does not like to offer mainstream tourism tours, and we believe that people enjoy their time best when they have freedom and possibilities to choose from. Freedom and flexibility are very good ingredients to cook an exceptional discovery or adventure, to meet unusual people and visit off-the-beaten-track places.

How do I pay in Thailand?2021-01-08T23:13:37+01:00

American Express, Visa and Master Card are widely used in Thailand. Cash is only accepted in baht (Thai currency). However, it is relatively easy to change euros or US dollars at a exchange point in the larger tourist areas in Thai Baht.

Do I need a visa for Thailand?2021-01-08T23:13:27+01:00

Most European nationalities do not require a visa to visit Thailand and receive a visa-free stay of up to 30 days upon arrival in Thailand.

Which documents do I need?2020-11-11T22:33:35+01:00

With the registration for the Thailand motorcycle tour we need a scanned copy of the passport of the participant with the personal details. A condition for participation in the tour is an internationally valid driving license for motorcycles over 500 cc.

Included Services2020-11-11T22:38:29+01:00
The following services are included in the tour price:
  • English speaking motorcycle tour guide on own motorcycle during the whole tour
  • Motorbike of your choice (Honda CB 500 or CB 650)
  • All visits as described in the detailed tour program, with English speaking professional Thai guide
  • A private A / C minibus to carry your main luggage; the guide and the driver take care of the transport of the luggage
  • All nights in hotels and resorts
  • Meals (breakfast and dinner), dinner very often in selected specialty restaurants or in the hotel resort
  • All entrance fees as described in the tour program,
  • All fees, taxes, service charges, room taxes and baggage handling fees,
  • Mandatory liability insurance in Thailand
  • Experienced motorcycle mechanic on the whole tour
  • Airport transfer service with AC minibus and German speaking Thai guide
Services not included:
  • Snacks and drinks, lunch
  • Petrol for your own motorcycle
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Personal expenses such as tips (optional), souvenirs, telephone, laundry, minibar etc.,
  • Travel insurance package with accident, hospital and return transport insurance, luggage and liability insurance (it is strongly recommended to book such a package before traveling)

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