The Ultimate China Road Guide – Road Signs

There is a traffic sign in China. In order to understand them and feel safe, one definitely does not need to be able to speak Mandarin. Road signs in China include many internationally recognized symbols to protect visitors to China from using the roads. Road signs in China are standardized traffic signs, as in other countries, special in Germany, but usually. Here are some for the traffic signs in other traffic.

Regulatory signs Warning signs Road names & motorway signs
Stop! Keep save distance 500 m left: Nanjing Road. Straight on: G2. Right: Dongbei Road
Give way Oncoming traffic Zhaitang City
No overtaking Emergency Lane National Highway sign G105
Horns prohibited Obstacle Provincial Highway S203
Control Crossroad ·


County Highway X008
Costum Offset road junction Rural Highway Y002
Speed limit zone Double curve, with turn right first, then left 2km bis Nanzhi Road, 15 km Bayi Road, 25 km bis zur G101
No stopping zone Multiple curve National expressway
Minimum speed limit Falling rocks or debris on left Provincial expressway
High-occupancy vehicle lane Slow Freeway exit