Bike Hacks – Tips & tricks for presenting your motorcycle for a China motorcycle tour

A motorbike tour is one of the highlights of motorcycling. But preparing is most important because motorcycling is not just about blowing the wind around your nose and having a great ride. Because of the differences of chinese provinces – desert, snow, mountains, valleys, beaches, virgin forests, etc. a self-organized motorbike tour through China means even more preparation. There are few tips & tricks we would like to give you which make your trip to China more comfortable. How exactly – we’ll show you here:

  • Make yourself lift up! A high handlebar setting of the bike can be very important for motorbike tours especially on long trips. Sitting doesn’t really strengthen you and you definitely have a better grip on the handlebars. If your bike hasn’t  one yet  you can set it up  via a readjustment, because 30mm can make a lot.
  • Your backside will be thankful! Depending on the width and upholstery of the seat of a motorbike, long motorbike tours can be obtained quickly. There are different interests and feelings about this topic. For example to put on a padded cycling pants will make you feel divine. Others count on sheepskins. If you still have money over, you can also tailored your upholstery.
  • The wider the bigger the better! Widening the footrests can prevent accidents, especially in icy mountain regions.You can easily do this yourself, because the original rubbers on the footrests can be easily removed. This gives the boots a fairly large contact surface and the jagged obstruction prevents them from slipping. You notice the difference immediately especially while standing!
  • Stay stable! In order to also consider the safety factor, a motorbike on an adventurous trip through China should have two stands to stabilize it in an upright position, not only because of the weather conditions but also because of the often uneven and steep surfaces (especially during breaks). By preparing your stand, you can prevent your motorbike from sinking into muddy areas. The stand base can easily be widened with rubber sole.

Our Tibetmoto team is ready for all eventualities. We not only give you the opportunity to choose the right motorbikes from us but also adapt the selected motorbikes to your wishes at any time and prepare it for your ultimate motorbike tour through China. Our China motorbike tours are accompanied by a tour guide & mechanic with a second motorbike. We can guarantee the technical functionality of your motorcycle and your safety at all times and prepare you for the changed circumstances in the region.