Dzogchen-, Mantra Practice and Dao Healing

This class will give you a start to a orignal Dzogchen path. The class will teach the main basic practice of this Dzogchen path, as bowing down (Dalibai), praying (Xidao) and meditation (Anxi). With Dalibai you show your devotion to something high than your small borders, your ego. We make with this practice a step out of your ego and more and more we can learn to give up our life to something which is larger than yourself and which we can fully trust. Praying, Xidao means to learn to express with our speech Dao instead of expressing our ego ambitions. The Dao can express through our speech and can go deep into our conciousness and change it that we look more with our heart to the Dao. can learn to open your heart to your own inner vividness of life (Dao).

The kind of meditation we will practicing is called Anxi, which means to make a rest with your mind and body. So actually it is not meditation practice. Anxi (rest) let us be able to open our mind towards the Dao. Anxi gives us the possibility that we can experience our true nature, true mind. If we do some meditation practice we still focus on something and so there is still the object and the receiver. In Anxi we do not focusing on anything, we are like an open space in which we have no borders but in the same time there is everything very clear to be seen and experience. Our thoughts can be there and we are not trying to suppress them, we just give our thoughts no attention anymore and let them pass by like clouds in the sky. We can experience a vividness coming up inside us. This can give us a trust into a larger life force, which can help us in our life and can carry us through all the obstacles in life. It can let us also experience that we are not this endless creating mind and that our true nature waiting to show up again.

To open our heart and mind we will learn also some mantra. One is the mantra of my master that can give you a connect and protection of this Dzogchen lineage. The other mantra is the Namo Amitabhaya mantra, which can be a key for some higher under-standings and experiences in our heart. It can give us deep results and understandings about our true nature and if practice deeply and regulary it can help us to overcome life and death cycle.

The experiences in the class will be supported by Dao healing sessions, given to the participants. Here we will get a deep reset in your hole system, in which the Dao can work with us and let us recover deep in ourself. The class will offer you some of the Natural Movements created by Shangshi Zou. With these movements we can also on the body level experience such vividness from our true nature. That can help us in all the other practice. The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters, who is Qigong practioner for more than 25 years and had learned many kind of Qigong. In the last 10 years he is trained in Qigong and Dzogchen by Shangshi Zou. Beside this Mathias Wolters is well trained for nearly 20 years in Chinese Medicine and had had a clinic in germany for about 18 years practicing chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and other Chinese methods.