South of the Clouds Tour

The tour continued and we were especially looking forward to our next stop. – The Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges on earth.

On the way we had spectacular views over the depths and heights of the Jade-Dragen-Mountain-Range with an altitude of over 5500 m. We enjoyed the surreal view one more time before we went on a short hike into the gorge.

We spent the night in a village hidden in the gorge. Next morning we hit the road to Baisha/ Lijiang, which is one of the UNESCO world heritage old towns of China.

After we explored the oldtown of Lijiang, we visited a school of embroidery where we observed women which work with colorful textiles. We spent our night in Baisha, a quiet nontouristic area near Lijiang.

We continued in the direction of Wumu past by the stone village Shitouchen where we enjoyed the view over the green and blue colored river where we took a break for photos and a picnic.

And again, we met and followed the Yangtze River and crossed the mighty stream on a spectacular bridge. After we arrived at Lugu Lake, which is surrounded by a conifer forest, we stayed overnight on Lige, a peninsula.

On the way back to Dali we spend a night at another great lake: Chenghai lake.

Today, the Yangtze led us through an almost tropic region, very hot and humid, on altitude of only 1300 m.

The last day in Dali we spend at a market, which only takes place once a year. It has been continued since more than 500 years and is the market with the oldest tradition of such kind in the world.