The „Woodmaker Street“ in Dali

In the streets of Dali it’s never getting boring. There is a lot to see and explore. In the Wen Xian Lu Road also known as the “Woodmaker Street”, next to the Southgate, you can watch the daily life of China.

Not only the elderly society are meeting here to play Mahjong, but rather between the colorful odds and ends shops and small restaurants which presents their vegetables decorative in front of their shops, located a range of Wooden Shops.

An absolute ‘Must’ for every collector of uniates, enthusiast of arts or craftsman. Because here accrues approachable art  for everyone and every trader makes his own kind of creation, whether decorative or convenient. From lifesize animal sculptures over abstract equipment, through to unique furnitures with traditional carvings. But also little gifts or special souveniers are to find here. Even better is that you can watch the artist and carpenter how they build up their works, which machines they use and with how much love they work with.

The life takes place on the streets- the open doors of the shops inviting to lionize the diversity of the works and carvings.