Calligraphy in Qigong

Calligraphy Qigong is designed by Master Yang who is lineage holder of a Traditional Family Gongfu Styles called Yang Mian Gongfu. Calligraphy Qigong is another series of movements which includes also some unique movements from Calligraphy Yoga. The emphazise of these series of movement is to replenish and enhance the Qi as well to learn to project and send energy.

The Calligraphy Qigong is a unique style of beautiful movements which can quickly strengthen your whole system. Your Qi, life energy, can be quickly boost up. If you feel in your life less vividness this Qigong can charge up your system. Deeply breathing, gentle movements and concentration, imaginations are used to acitved and strengthen our Qi. The deep and relaxed breathing gives you more oxygen into the blood system and let the blood cleaning up and will give you a kind of cell smiling. These inner smile in our cells can come through that the cells are fully charged with energy and send this energy out. That can give practioner a feeling in their life of more energy and positiveness for everyday.

Positive effects on health while doing the Calligraphy Qigong can be on the blood system, lowering blood pressure, reducing atheriosclerosis, curing the digesting system, helping against sleep problems, let deperession fly away, curing asthma and allergy and boosting up our life force (Yuan Qi). In Calligraphy Qigong we are training and strenghten strongly our Yuan Qi, which is in the chinese medicine our orignal life force. These energy comes from our parents and is a deep force which is vivid in our entirely cells and give us force for life. With regualar training these system can change your whole body system deep until your cell level.

The class offers you a clear and step by step detailed teaching into the Calligraphy Qigong. You will get personally training and adjustment of the exercises so that you will get being familiar with it and getting confidence with it. You will become aware of your breathing and to let it become naturally a more deeper breathing. The combination of movement and breathing will lead you to more relaxation in your body, mind and heart. The imagination and concentration will refresh you brain cells, open your heart and feel the natrual flow of body and breath. This can give you deep insight in your life that there is underlying never ending flow of life force. If you understand to connected with that vividness of life you will feel carried by it.

The teaching can be always adjusted to the personal conditions and need. So it is possible to do this movements sitting on a chair as well for people with a strong condition in very deep positions. So the teaching is individualized and give you a good start to continue this Qigong. Constantly doing these exercises you can change your body and mental conditions positively.

The teaching will be round up by daoistic healing session in which everybody can deeply relax and get a deep recovery in the whole human system.

The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters, who is Qigong practioner for more than 25 years and who had learned different style of Qigong. In the last 10 years he is training and teaching only the Qigong form from Master Yang and Zou. Beside this Mathias Wolters is well trained for nearly 20 years in Chinese Medicine and had had a clinic in Germany for about 18 years practicing chinese herbal medicine, acpuncuture and other Chinese methods.