Packing List for Motorcycle Tours in Tibet

Not everything you have with you on a motorcycle tour through Thailand or in other tropical areas has to be taken on the motorcycle tour to Tibet. Such as the well-ventilated summer gloves or flip-flops. However, you should take your swimming trunks with you, just in case (we only say: mountain lakes).

Here are our packing recommendations for your Tibet motorcycle tour:

Tibet is a country of extremes: the highest mountains in the world, long winters, strong day-night temperature fluctuations, the high plateau with an average height of 4,000 meters and passes beyond 5,000. And even in summer it can snow briefly on passes. This is opposed by the hot and blazing high-altitude sun with strong UV radiation, in which 25 degrees Celsius can sometimes feel like 35. It is therefore advisable to be prepared for everything – a little more equipment is the motto here and cannot do any harm.

First of all, the helmet should not be missing in your luggage. Good helmets have to fit perfectly and comply best with the EU safety standard. However, these are difficult or almost impossible to find on site. You should also not take half-open helmets or brain caps as they are either too cold or too unsafe.

The same applies to motorcycle jackets and pants. In order not to freeze on a cold morning, warming inlets for jacket and pants should not be missing, it is best that they are removable (layer system!). If the motorcycle clothing is not waterproof and windproof, rain gear should also be packed, preferably rain gear in signal colors, so that you can be seen well by the group and other road users (if at all in the remote areas). There are also long thermal underwear, winter socks, winter gloves (waterproof), scarves and motorcycle boots. Since winter gloves will be too warm for most of the trip, we also recommend that you bring in transition gloves.

Sun cream and lip balm (at least with UV 30 protection) help to keep your skin from sunburn and your lips from bursting open – the sun in the mountains should not be underestimated – and we don’t want the smile for the winning photo at Everest Base Camp to be painful.

Please understand that we cannot rent motorcycle clothing. We think that your own motorcycle gear is comfortable and fits well and therefore best meets the requirements of passive safety.

Acetazolamide is an active ingredient and helps against altitude sickness, which we generally recommend and with which we have had good experiences. Please discuss the administration (the medication is available only with a prescription) with your general practitioner.

By the way, European plugs fit into every Tibetan socket, adapters are not necessary. For the evening and for an overnight stay at the Base Camp of Everest, we recommend taking a thumb jacket or a flannel with you; a hat that covers your ears and a peaked cap or hat and sunglasses can also do no harm.

Tools (which we have with us, as well as the mechanic) or prohibited substances of any kind do not belong in our luggage; warning signs show the objects at every airport.

Back to swimming trunks again: If you want to take a bath in the alpine mountain lakes in Tibet, which is highly recommended for good karma, for example in the 4,441-meter-high Yamdrok Lake (according to Tibetan legends, a bath there frees you from all sins!), you shouldn’t forget your bathing suit at home.