Day Trips in Yunnan

1 Day in Dali: The Best of the Region

This day tour starts in the old town of Dali and will introduce the cultural and historical highlights of the region. If you only have one day in Dali or little time in the region then this day trip is perfect for you. First we head to the 1200 years old Chongsheng Three Pagodas on the foothills of Cangshan mountain range. Your tour guide has many historical facts and background information to this unique building. After the pagoda visit we drive to Wu Wei Si, a 500 years old Taoist temple where until today Kung Fu masters practice their art. Before heading back to Dali old town we drive to the shores of Erhai lake and take a boat of a local fisherman onto the lake to watch him Comoran fishing. Before this Dali day trip ends we visit some hidden spots in Dali old town and visit the local farmer´s market.

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1 Day Scooter / Motorbike Tour around Erhai Lake

This epic full day ride brings you from Dali Old Town to the shores of the 42 kilometer long Erhai Lake and further around it. You will pass by small fishing villages, rice fields, the old town of Xizhou where we try the famous pan baked bread and Xiao Putuo, a 450 year old temple build on a small island on the lake. For lunch we try some local specialties in a small restaurant. This ride is perfect to get to know local countryside culture and one of the most beautiful sceneries of Yunnan.

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2 Days Dali, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Erhai Lake by Motorbike

Dali – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shaxi – Dali, Yunnan

This 2 day motorbike journey will let you experience some of the most beautiful scenery Yunnan Province has to offer. From Dali old town we first head to the 42 kilometer long Lake Erhai. We ride directly on the water front, through small fishing villages and we take a boat to Xiao Putuo – a small island with a 450 years old temple. In the afternoon we reach the shores of the Yangtze River and follow this mighty stream to the Tiger Leaping gorge – one of the deepest gorges in the world. The gorge is overlooked by 5.500 meter high peaks. On the following day we ride back to Dali old town via Shaxi. Shaxi is home to one of the bet preserved old town of Yunnan Province.

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1 Day Tour from Shangri-la to Deqin – Visit a Tibetan village

We start our Full-Day Tour with a short walk in the old town of Shangri-la with its famous temple and one of the largest prayer wheel in the world. We drive along Tibetan grasslands and take winding road towards a small village, located between mountains where we meet a Tibetan family and have lunch together. A unique experience!

We continue our Trip to Feilaisi. Feilaisi is located over 3300 meters above sea level on the road to Lhasa. The spectacular view of the highest mountain in Yunnan, Mount Kawa Karpa (6,740 meters) and his little brother Mt. Miacimu (6,054 meters), is simply breathtaking.

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1 Day Hike on Cangshan Mountain, Dali, Yunnan

This exciting day tour starts in the old town of Dali. We take the minivan up to the Gan Tong Temple, the starting point of our hike. After visiting the beautiful grounds of the Gan Tong temple we make our way to the cloud pass. Up on the Pass we have stunning views over Dali and the Erhai Lake. The Seven Dragon Pool with the Buddha statue in the middle is an excellent opportunity for a small snack to strengthen up. On the way to Zhonghe Temple, our descent point, we pass several small waterfalls. The descent is also a little highlight – The Zhonge temple and a small village we pass through. In the late afternoon we return to the Old Town, where we end the day with a dinner.

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2 Days: Peak Trail Hike Mt. Cangshan, Dali

A true world class trek on Mt. Canshan. We take the cable car up the mountain and continue on the peak trail which connects a dozen peaks. Near two small ponds we pitch our tents and set up the base camp. On the other day we continue and meet the marble stone workers who carry with their mules the heavy stones all the way down the mountain. There are not many places in the world where you have this epic view: a vast lake and the Dali plateau on the one side and rough mountains on the other. There is no other mountain which disturbs the view – on above 4000 meter altitude.

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