2 Day Trek: Peak Trail Mt. Cangshan, Dali2020-12-16T14:26:28+01:00

2 Day Trek: Peak Trail Mt. Cangshan, Dali

A true world class trek on Mt. Canshan. We take the cable car up the mountain and continue on the peak trail which connects a dozen peaks. Near two small ponds we pitch our tents and set up the base camp. On the other day we continue and meet the marble stone workers who carry with their mules the heavy stones all the way down the mountain. There are not many places in the world where you have this epic view: a vast lake and the Dali plateau on the one side and rough mountains on the other. There is no other mountain which disturbs the view – on above 4000 meter altitude.

Lovely hike …

… across Dalis Mountian

Hans S.

Beautiful but …

… also exhausting. What a great view!

Franz L.

It was a great adventure

We had so much fun!

Jan E.

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On Request

2 days – Return to Dali old town in the afternoon of day 2


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2 Day Trek – Itinerary

Day 1: Meeting in Dali

Meeting in the old town of Dali at 9 a.m. and transfer to the cable car. Once on the mountain we start our full day hike. Most part of the hike will be directly on the mountain ridge on about 4000 meters and we will as well make it up the main peak of Cangshan mountain (4,100m). Spectacular views on Erhai and the Dali plateau. No worries – its safe. In the late afternoon we reach the base camp and set up tents. Here we can make fire and cook together. The base camp is located on 3.800 meter near two little water ponds. The water is crystal clear and best drinking quality.

Day 2: Going Back to Dali

Clearing of the camp and descending. After the half way down we take a break and meet local who take out marble stones and transport them all the way down using mules. We arrive a few kilometers away from Dali old town and a minivan will pick us up.

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Included Services:

  • All transfers by minivan
  • Tibetmoto guide
  • Food (1x breakfast; 2 x lunch; 1 x dinner), water
  • Equipment (shared tent, sleeping bag, insulation mat, kitchen ware)
  • Cable car fee

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