China Overland: Vehicle Logistics China

In this article you get to know how we transport your vehicle either within China or globally around the world in case you don’t want to drive or ride yourself “all the way”. Or your travels start or come to a conclusion in China and you simply want to send your vehicle to China or back to your home country.

Beside the temporary import of your foreign registered vehicle into China (usually we refer to this procedure as China Overland Tour Service) we offer a full range of China Overland Vehicle Logistic and Shipping Services to get your vehicle from A to B. Either domestic within China or international around the globe. For example, our annual Roadtrip Eurasia Tour (link to Roadtrip Eurasia site) starts in Munich and ends in Lhasa. All of our riders leave China from Lhasa and we transport their privately owned motorcycles from Lhasa first to the Chinese east coast by truck (the motorcycles are being placed into crates) and afterwards by FCL container by sea freight to Hamburg.

If you want to transport your vehicle from or to China, it’s important to have an experienced and reliable vehicle logistics partner in China.Therefore, Tibetmoto cooperates with the leading companies in vehicle logistics and is able to cover all areas from packing to securing and transporting (all from one source). Furthermore we cooperate as an official partner with BMW Motorrad China.
Vehicle logistics in China has various ways to transport your vehicle. The “classic version” is of course by sea in the FCL container (20 or 40 feet in length).

There are generally three shipping options:

  • Domestic within China by truck,
  • International by sea freight (container ship)
  • International by container train along the so called “new Silk Road” from China to Europe.


  • FCL container freight is the most popular option to transport vehicles around the world. With FCL (Full Container Load) you will have your own private container.
  • In contrary LCL (Less Than Container Load) will allow you to ship a smaller quantity for a lower price. In some cases it makes sense to only rent a part of a container or a certain space within a container, for example if you want to ship a single motorcycle. FCL containers have the advantage that they are being shipped faster since there is no waiting time involved by the agent or logistic broker who has an interest to fill up the container with a variety of goods until its full and ready for shipment.

China Overland motorcycle and vehicle transport by truck: The motorcycles are being placed and transported in a metal crate while s single car can be transported by low loader.

All of our China Overland Vehicle Logistic and Shipping Services include customs clearance at the exit and and entry ports, container rental fee, safe vehicle fixing into the container/truck, all harbour fees, maritime accident insurance, parking in safe warehouses, overland truck rental logistic and rental fees, tax. You will receive a full package quote from us without hidden costs. Containers are available in 40 foot (12,192m) and 20 foot (6,096m) length.

While motorcycles fit into wooden or metal crates while being transported overland and/or on the way to the sea port, other vehicles such as cars will be placed on special car trucks or low loaders for transport. Motorcycles can be shipped (by truck and sea freight) with panniers and motorcycle gear such as helmet, pants, boots and jackets. If you ship gear with your vehicle, you will need to make an exhaustive list for customs and attach it visibly to your vehicle. From the east cost of China to Central Europe by FCL sea freight, it takes approx. 6 weeks to arrive, including customs clearance at the exit and entry ports. If you decide to ship your vehicle by train it takes approx. 4 weeks to arrive.

After that, you can pick-up your vehicle from the warehouse and you are ready to go. You will not need to go to customs yourself to deal with the paperwork. Possible sea ports for FCL/LCL China Overland container logistic and shipping services are: Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen. For the train (new Silk Road), Xian is currently possible. Overland vehicle logistic services by car truck or low loader can be offered in between almost every Chinese city.

Second from left: BMW motorcycle in a warehouse ready for shipping.

Picture: Car truck transporters on a parking lot near Shanghai port.

Before shipping, the battery of the vehicle has to be disconnected and the electrical contacts have to be wrapped in insulating tape