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We – the Tibetmoto team – are your expert film fixers in China. China is a vast, diverse country that still has many secrets and unexplored places. Our year-long experience as tour guides and tour product managers, coupled with our experience as film fixers in China and Tibet, gives us the necessary local knowledge, connections and practical experience to do a high-quality professional job on your film production.

We have access to the most remote areas and unique sceneries, and we have the best connections to the local officials and indigenous actors. Our particular specialty is southern and western China, and we have special, exclusive knowledge and access in the provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, in the autonomous province of Tibet, and in Xinjiang. And overlander film productions are also one of our specialties.

China is not an uncomplicated country when it comes to film productions and permissions. We can take care of the following bureaucratic hurdles:

  • All Tibet and China permits
  • CARFTE (China Association for Radio, Film and TV Exchange) filming permits
  • Temporary Chinese driver’s licenses
  • Help in applying for a visum

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We can also help you with our local and cultural knowledge when you are planning an ideal travel route for your film, renting vehicles (4×4, pickups, minibuses…), booking hotels of all classes and recommending excellent restaurants. We can get you the best filming conditions and production coordination using our knowledge of the country and its people, and of spectacular scenery locations and special perspectives. We will provide you with our native and international film fixers and drivers, who will take care of you and the transport of your film equipment. We are also able to arrange for additional equipment, if necessary. Our highest priority is to make the production process as trouble-free and successful as possible.

As local film fixers, we know the highlights of China: the winding curves of the panorama highways of the Himalayas, for example, for advertising spots for the automobile and motorcycle industry; the powerfully picturesque landscapes for documentary films; interview subjects from the many minorities and cultures; contacts to restaurants and specialty cooks for cooking programs or documentaries; the most diverse vehicles and fun sports for action- and sports programs; and organised scientific field expeditions, etc.

We are the Foto and Film Fixer Service China who can offer you the whole package for your production.

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Tibetmoto´s own productions:

One of our recent projects included foot fixer services in China and Tibet for Simon Urwin, professional Photographer from our Tibetan Homestay.