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Blaze new trails – With Tibetmoto in China

For our customers in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region: We offer team-building adventure trips in China and Tibet for corporate customers -and, of course, for self-drivers, adventure included. Whether you choose a Toyota Land Cruiser, a BMW motorcycle, a prestige car like a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, or you want to hike the mountain trails – a trip through fantastic landscapes, away from the meeting rooms– the travel experience, with all its intense possibilities for interaction, will build team spirit and take your communication skills to the next level.

We will be happy to integrate your company’s products into the travel package. We can put decals on the cars with your company logo, and we can provide company logo banners.

Our English-speaking, university-trained team is ready to help you with planning an incentive travel package in China and Tibet. We will put together a tailor-made offer for you, and provide you with trained travel companions to escort you on your company trip through China.

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