Explore the breathtaking landscape and culture of Tibet on this unforgetable West Tibet Motorbike Tour to the mount Kailash and Everest Basecamp. This West Tibet Motorbike Tour leads you through the sparsely populated highlands of Tibet – the world of the nomads.
Gain insight into the fascinating life of the tibetan and it’s culture.
Your Westtibet motorbike tour starts in the colourful capital city Lhasa with it’s fascinating temples and markets. It brings you moreover to the wild landcape, icecold and clear lakes, past the snowcapped mountains, through green grasslands and deep gorges.

Tibet knows about his land impressions and it’s role of natural light plays. Lonely wide streets in the midst of fantastic nature. On this West Tibet Tour you explore the untouched valleys and mountain lakes like the Manasarovar or Serling lake. You observe the sunrise and sunset at the mount everest and visit the legendary mount Kailash. Motorbike Tours like the West Tibet Motorbike Tour is the most impressiv way to explore all the magnificent of west Tibet.

Your West Tibet Motorbike Tour includes lots of fascinating stops where you will have enough time to dicover everything and not only to past by.
Meet the friendly tibetan nomads who welcoming every guest with warming buttertea. Drive on winding roads, over amazing mountain passes to finally reach the roof of the world!

The tour starts in Lhasa and brings us to the Namtso lake towards north untill we cross the derserted  tibetan plateau from east to west. After we visit the far western city of Tibet, we visit one of the tour highlights: The snow-covered holy mountain Kailash which lays 6.638 metre above the sealevel and is still undiscovered. The tibetan people believe in the absolution after clockwise walk around the Kailash -it means good Karma.

Aswell as the Mount Everest Base Camp which is the Start and Endpoint for the Climbers and Hikers of the Mount Everest can not be missed on the West Tibet Motorbike Tour.

The West Tibet Motorbike Tour leads you to breathtaking areas, which only few people experienced in life. You will never forget the colours, the good smell and experiences you will make on this tour -its guaranteed unforgettable!

West Tibet Motorbike Tour Overview

Date: On request
Price: On request
Highlights/Itinerary: Lhasa – Namtso Lake – Serling Lake- Nyima – Gertse – Ali (Ngari) – Zanda – Mount Kailash – Saga – Everst Basecamp – Xigaze – Lhasa
Difficulty: 3/5 – Demanding due to high altitude and climate. Experience on curvy mountain roads is a requirement.
Duration/Length: 14 days / 12 riding days / ~ 3.470 kilometer
longest riding day: 9 hours, 480 kilometer / Average riding day: 6.5 hours, 300 kilometer
Style: Tibet motorbike tour with overnight stays in hotels and guest houses. The roads on this tour are mainly paved. Ratio dirt track or gravel/tarmac approx: 05/95.
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Motorbikes: Shineray X5 400 / BMW G 310 GS / BMW F 800 GS / BMW R 1200 GS

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Daily Itinerary: West Tibet Motorbike Tour

Day Route: Description
1 First meeting in Lhasa: Airport pick-up and first meeting with the Tibetmoto Team and Tibet guide. Transfer to the hotel in Lhasa. Free time and acclimatization on 3,600m. Tibetan welcome dinner in the evening.
2 Lhasa: After your application of the temporary Chinese driver´s license (with accompanying help), you have the opportunity to explore the attractions of Lhasa. Visit the most important temples like “Jokhang” or the “Potala Palace”.  Take your time to explore the colourful barkhor market where you can buy traditional tibetan souvenirs before the motorbike tour starts.


3 Lhasa – Namtso lake: Before the West Tibet Motorbike Tour starts you pick up your temporary driver’s license. Your today’s destination is the Natso Lake above 4.718 Metres of sealevel – the biggest saltwater lake Tibets. Before you arrive at the lake shore, you will cross the famous Laken Pass (5.186 Metern).
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 4 h / 200 kilometer
4 Namtso lake – Serling lake: Today  will brings you picturesque landscpapes. You will drive on small roads along the eastern shore of the Namtso- and Baingoin lake to finally reach the Serling lake on 4,530 metre, Tibet´s second largest lake. You spend your night at the lake.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 8 h / 300 kilometer
5 Serling See – Nyima: The road to Nyima is extraordinary; in the morning often wild animals such as wild Tibetan horses can be spottet. Enjoy the pure nature and wildlife through the unique beauty of Tibet.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7.5 h / 230 kilometer
6 Nyima – Gertse: Today on your West Tibet Motorbike Tour you will capture the tibetan plateau on your way to Gertse. Thereby the route will leads you along the shores of the dong lake (4.500 meters). Get ready for a breathtaking panorama view and save unforgetable pictures of the beautiful scenery.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 8 h / 350 kilometer
7 Gertse – Ali: On this day of your West Tibet Motorbike Tour you will drive to the most western city – Ali. The sunniest sight of Tibet which will take you to desert similar landscapes.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 9 h / 480 kilometer
8 Ali – Zanda:  You leave the most western point behind you and move further east. Soon the mainroad will ends and you drive through rugged sandstone landscape (ála  Arizona) to Zanda. The region around Tholing and Zaparang provides the most beautiful Himalaya scenery on the tour. Point of departure is the abandonee kingdom of Guge which was built in the 10th century.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 5.5 h / 200 kilometer
9 Zanda – Mount Kailash: You start early in order to arrive the Mount Kailash for activities. Tarchen (4,600m) is the starting point of the Kailash circumbulation.
Upon arrival there are several opportunities. Hike to Tarpoche, a pagoda with mani prayer stones on the circumbulation trail or keep on going with the bikes and ride off-road to Tarpoche.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 4.5 h / 240 kilometers
10 Mount Kailash – Saga: Incredibly beautiful is the exit of the mount Kailash with the motorbike. First we drive along the Manasarovar shore on a sealevel of 4,590 metre. You will see the holy glacier of the tibetan culture aswell as the impressive plateaus, deep gorges and valleys.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7.5 h / 500 kilometer
11 Saga – Everest Base Camp: From Saga you leave the south and pass by lake Paiku. Shortly you reach the Friendship Highway and across the Lamna pass (5,130m) to  the Robgbuk monastery near the Everest Base Camp. The monastery is located on 4,980 meters. You spend the night there. You have the opportunity to walk to the Everest Base Camp (8km) to see the sunset. Alternatively, the sunrise can be seen next morning.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7 Stunden / 300 Kilometer
12 Everest Base Camp – Xigaze: After the incredible experience at the everest base camp, the West Tibet Tour brings you back to the Lamna Pass and Frienship Highway. You arrive Xigaze, an important tradecentre of the autonomous southwestern area of Tibet.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 8 h / 360 kilometer
13 Xigaze – Lhasa: From Xigaze you leave the main road and head south to Gyangze and along the shores of Yamdrok lake to Lhasa. Yamdrok lake will be the last grand lake on this Tibet tour. Before reaching Lhasa we cross the Yarlung Tsangpo, the life giving water source of Tibet.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7.5 h / 310 kilometer
14 The tour ends in Lhasa: The time flies fast on the adventure of  the Western Tibet Motorbike Tour. After one last traditional meal together, you will pick up on time at your accomondation to get your flight back home.

[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] =driving time (estimated) without breaks


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Included services:

  • Shineray X5 400/BMW F 800 GS
  • Dinner, Mineral water
  • 13 overnight stays in hotels and inns
  • German tour guide (English speaking) on own motorcycle
  • Native tour guide (English speaking)
  • Escort vehicle with driver for passengers and baggage
  • Assistance with organising the trip to/from China
  • Assistance with applying for visa to China
  • Spare parts, engine oil
  • Temporary Chinese driving license, all Tibet permits