Curves, Adventures and the fascinating landscape of East Tibet.

you are looking for your next big adventure, for impressive Landscapes, lovely routes and new cultures, which you want to explore directly from your Motorcycle seat? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Our East Himalaya Tibet Motorbike Tour.

On this tour, you will find everything, the Adventurer dreams of Irresistible Nature, delicious and authentic Chinese and Tibetan cooking, hot springs, fascinating landscapes and curvy routes which seems to be made for Motorcycle riders. Timeless little accommodations, modern and vibrating cities and new culture-impressions will serve you with little and great Ah-Ha moments on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour

The comprehensive Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Tour was prepared professionally by our guides and leads you to the most beautiful spots of Tibet. This tour allows you to get to know the country and the people in the best way. From the back of your motorcycle, you can start your next big adventure and enjoy the great variety of new impressions on the Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Tour.
We will begin the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour in the caves of the Himalaya, will enjoy snowy Mountains and curvy Pass-Roads until we slowly discover our way to the subtropical Yunnan. On our way we explore the wonderful Nature and the variety of Tibetan living and Chinese joy of life. Along with the lot of well designed tours, there will be time for discovery, sightseeing and exploring the vibrating life of small and big cities, for direct contact with the people on spot and also for the special moments. The Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Tour – Experience is suitable for men and women of every ages, whose willing to find rest and get to meet and love a new spot on earth right from the back of the motorcycle.

On the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour we discover the beauty of Lhasa City, explore the best Himalaya mountain tracks and drive through the heaven of the world. All tours of the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour will be guided by our experts, so they offer the opportunity of save and relaxed driving in traffic and getting the most from new experiences. Our team on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour is there for any kind of problem. So the tour can be an unforgettable adventure.

Come and make your own picture of the fascinating East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour. Enjoy the Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Experience as a chance to discover a whole new and unknown world. Book the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour and with Tibetmoto and experience our comprehensive support before the tour and on spot.

This awaits you on our Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Tour and East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour


Tour Overview: East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour

Date: 2018: 17.09.2018 – 28.09.2018// 2019: 13.05.2019 – 25.05.2019 (tour ends in Lijiang)
Price: 4.290 US$ (Shineray X5 400) / 4,980 US$ (BMW F 800 GS) / 2.580 US$ (pillion rider) / individual room supp: 390 US$
Highlights/ Itinerary: Chengdu – Lhasa – Samye monastery – Tsedang – Langxiang – Nyingtri – Bome – Ranwu – Zogang – Yanjing – Shangri-La – Tiger leaping Gorge – Lijang – Dali
Difficulty: 3/5 – Driving on curvy mountain road should be capable to do securely.
Duration / Lengh: 14 Tage / 9 Tour days / ~ 2.200 kilometers, longest tour day: 6 hours, 360 kilometers / Average tour day: 5 hours, 200 kilometers
Style: Tibet Motorcycle tour with stays in hotels and guest accommodations. The Streets on this tour is mostly asphalted very well – Ratio offroad/Asphalt: 5/95.
Motorbikes: Shineray X5 400 / BMW F 800 GS


Daily Route: East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour:

Day Route: Descriptions
1 Chengdu: You will meet the Tibetmoto-Crew and the other participants in Chengdu. You will have enough time to get to know each other arrive relaxed.


2 Chengdu – Lhasa: We will fly to Lhasa together and enjoy the evening with a typical Tibetan Dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.  
3 Lhasa: We will get the motorbike driving license for you. After that we will do the first tour to the Ganden-monastery which is located in the height of 4.100 m.  You will love the curvy roads up there. They will give you a first impression, how the landscapes will be during your  Tibet Yunnan Motorcycle Tour.
4 Lhasa: In Tibet the world seems to be a little different. There will occur some dalays from time to time during the whole process at the diving license department. That’s why we planned this day as a reserve. We can explore Lhasa and experience this unique culture.


5 Lhasa – Samye Monastery: This is the first real Tibet Yunnan motorcycle tour-day. Togehter we will heading southeast and follow the Yarlung Tsangpo. This wide and dynamic river will flow with us for a whole part of the day and to serve beautiful views to us. After lunch we will head to the famous Samye monastery, where you can discover traditional monastery life. We will spend the night there during the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour and prepare the following day. 130 km

Samye – Tsedang – Langxiang: We will visit the Yumbulakhag, the first castle of the first king of Tibet. This castle is one of the most impressing landmark on our way to Langxian. 250 km

7 Langxian – Nyingtri: We visit the ancient cypress forest in Bayi, which is located at the junction of Yarlung Tsangpo and Niya river. Enjoy the unique nature of this forest on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorbike Tour and immerse into the unknown country. 240 km
8 Nyingtri – Bome- Ranwu: On different pass roads to Ranvu, our tour brings us to superb views on 4,100 meter high and snow capped Mt. Nanjiabawa. Ride through virgin forest. Perfect views and one of the most stunning riding days. Overnight at Ranwu lake. 360 km
9 Ranwu – Zogang: The East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour leads us along Ranvu Lake to Zogang. We will enjoy the sunrise at the lake. Ride along the Nu/Salween river. 290 km
10 Zogang – Yanjing: Two more passes (5,010/3,900) on the way to Yanjing, where hot springs for relaxation are located. 270 km
11 Yanjing – Shangri-La: We ride via Deqin to Shangri-la. On the way we visit a local Tibetan family at the shores of the Mekong river.
Ride across the last Himalayan pass (4,300m) along Mt. Baima and Mt. Meili (6,770). 290 km
12 Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijang: On last tour on the East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour leads us through one of the deepest gorges on earth to Lijiang, the UNESCO world heritage site. 200 km  
13  Lijiang – Dali 180 km  
14  Airport transfer/Tour end: Flight back to Germany  

Distance in km


Included services East Himalaya Tibet Motorcycle Tour:

All overnight stays in hotels and guest houses

Motorbike of your choice

Mechanic service, engine oil, spare parts, comprehensive insurance with self contribution

English speaking motorbike tour guide on own motorbike

English speaking local guide

Breakfast, dinner, mineral water

Entrance fees for sights
Supply vehicle for luggage and passengers (pillion rider)
Temporary Chinese driver´s license

All group transfers from/to airport

Not included services:

International flights
Lunch (1 lunch is included)
Travel cancellation expenses insurance
Gas for Motorbikes

Individual transfers hotel – airport – hotel



Discover Yunnan by motorcycle, the most beautiful province of China!
Located in southwest China, Yunnan is bordering Vietnam Laos Burma and Tibet.
Exclusive and unique circuit for bikers looking for new destinations.
Rich in landscapes and cultures, riding a BMW throught Yunnan will seduce you!