Who has not dreamed of crossing the world with his own vehicle as an “Overlander”? This tour is for all of those who want to see  Tibet, starting in Xinjiang province all the way to the Nepalese border at Jilongzhen. You will cross the vast Tibetan high plateau, explore Manasarovar Lake and its crystal water and visit holy Mount Kailash. Some of you may find a private China overland tour too expensive and this is why we created this China overland group tour from Kyrgyzstan to Nepal for you. We requirer at least 2 vehicles and take no more than 4.


Itinerary Kashgar – Kudi – Dahongliutian – Ali – Mt. Kailash – Saga – Jilongzhen
Borders Torugart Pass/Kyrgyzstan (entry) / Jilongzhen/Nepal (exit)
Duration / Date 11 days / September 16 – September 26
Total distance Approx. 2400 km
Participants 2 participants (2 adults)
Vehicles car: at least 2, max. 4
Type China Overland self-drive with own vehicle
Ratio tarmac/gravel; level/style 95/5; on road self-drive tour
Google map link https://goo.gl/maps/h8riXrLmXUE2




Daily Itinerary: China Overland Group Tour Kyrgyzstan – Nepal via the Chinese provinces Xinjiang and Tibet

Day/Date Route  Itinerary Distance in km
and driving time in hr
SEP 16 (MON)
Border – Kashgar On your first day of the China Overland group tour you should cross the border as early as possible. Meet your guide at the border. Your guide will display a sign with your name. If you arrive from Torugart pass, stay the night before at Tash Rabat Caravanserai. Border formalities. Drive to the Kashgar customs border station. The vehicles have to be parked there. Transfer and overnight in Kashgar. 120 / 2
SEP 17
Kashgar Transfer back to the border customs station. Drive to Kashgar. Formalities at the traffic administration. Issuance of temporary number plate/driver´s license. Technical vehicle check. 200 / 4
SEP 18
Kashgar A spare day/rest day in Kashar. Sometime the procedure at the traffic administration take also longer. Visit the old town and the sights of Kashgar. /
SEP 19
Kashgar – Kudi The morning is still available for errands at the traffic authority (if necessary).

On the way to Kudi you pass numerous controls and have to register several times with the police – this requires a lot of patience. The climate here on the Silk Road, very close to the Taklamakan Desert, is really desert-like hot.

Today you start from the “deep” of the Tarim Basin and the desert-like areas along the Silk Road up into the Tibetan mountains with the first pass beyond 3000 meters.

SEP 20
Kudi – Dahongliutian Another pass, almost 4000 meters high, awaits you after breakfast. Then you cross the wide plateau along mountains and rivers to Dahongliutan, a tiny place in nowhere. 330
SEP 21
Dahongliutian – Ali Via Lake Bangong to Ali. Lake Bangong is half in China and half in India. One side of the lake is filled with salt water, while the other side has fresh water.

Ali is the administrative capital of western Tibet and the first real city since Kashgar.

SEP 22
Ali – Mt. Kailash

Short drive to Kailash mountain, holy for the Tibetans. With a little luck you will see numerous pilgrims, some of them coming from far away parts of Tibet.
The mountain, which is holy for Tibetans and almost 7000 meters high, rises majestically above the Tibetan plateau with its snow-covered summit. Here there are numerous pilgrims who come from all corners of Tibet, India and Nepal to Mount Kailash once in their lifetime. According to legend, every believing Buddhist has to circle this mountain at least once in his life. But if he wants to experience perfect enlightenment, he has to do it 51 times. After arriving in Darchen – the starting point for the mountain tours – we can leave it at a walk to the Tarpoche Pagoda or take a piste tour to Tarpoche. If you wish, you can also visit the other shore of Lake Manasarovar.

SEP 23
Mt. Kailash – Saga Along the deep blue Manasarovar lake, over which snow-covered mountains throne, we go to Saga. Even today, the endless vastness of Tibet and a spectacular mountain pass awaits us. 490
SEP 24
Saga – Jilongzhen

Today, you travel very close to the Nepalese border acrossr some winding passes. 60KM of gravel road.

SEP 25
Jilongzhen – Nepal

China exit day. Border and customs formalities. Exit to Nepal.

25 (on Chinese side)

*All driving times/kilometers are conservative estimates without stops for sightseeing/meals/breaks


Included Services: Temporary Import Of Foreign Registered Vehicles

Chinese driving license, provisional
CChinese number plate, provisional
Customs deposit bond, handling
Customs entry clearance / exit clearance
3rd party vehicle insurance
All China entry permits, itinerary permits, military permits, PSB permits, tourism bureau permits
All necessary official translations of documents
English speaking guide (guide accompanies you in your vehicle during the journey)
Expenses for guide travelling to/from borders
Border fixer for entry day and exit day
Meals and accommodation for the guide
Tibetmoto service: advice concerning roads and itineraries. Telephone customer support from Monday to Sunday 8am to 9pm China time


Not Included Services:

Entrance fees for sights (all sights mentioned in the itinerary are for reference only)
Fuel for own vehicle, highway toll gate fees (if any)
Meals and accommodation for participants



Valid foreign motorbike/car driver´s license issued by the passport issuing country. Age limit for car drivers: below 70. For motorbike drivers: below 60. Driving licenses for people above the max. Age are available at additional charge.




China Overland Group Tour: Price Overview in EUR based on 2 participants and 1 vehicle (car)

Total price including one driving license 4,380
 *Price excluding all banking fees for international transfers


China Overland Group Tour: Price overview (in EUR) when additional vehicles and participants join:

Price per vehicle in a group of 2 or more vehicles (per vehicle one participant)


Additional participant per vehicle


Additional driving license