Date: 2015: Sep 06 – Sep 19
Price: 2655 USD p.P. / Single supplement: 465 USD
Highlights: Kunming – Practice in a 500 year old Taoist Temple in Dali Old Town – Old Town of Shaxi – Practice in the Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Old Town of Lijiang and Baisha
Optional: Evening meditation and repetition
Duration: 14 days
Exercise goals: Learning a complete series of movements which can be perfomed and used in everday life
Mediathek: GalerieFilm

On this journey through the southern Chinese province of Yunnan we will learn the movements from the system Calligraphy Yoga and Calligraphy Qigong by Master Yang and get to know the most scenic and historic highlights of southern China. We will learn moves from the first unit of Calligraphy Yoga and connect them with some exercises from the Calligraphy Qigong. A perfect way to learn to open our body, stretch it and to increase our energy level.

This trip offers a clear and step-by-step instruction in Calligraphy Yoga and Qigong. The participant is individually guided and corrected so that the practitioner gets familiar and secure with the exercises. The participant will perceive his breathing and it will naturally become deeper. The combination of movements and breathing leads to a deeper relaxation in our body, mind and heart. The imagination and concentration will refresh our brain cells, opening the heart and increase the awareness of the natural flow of the body and breathing.

During the retreat we will have time for other supportive practices so that we can relax deeper and to brace everything learned in our whole system itself. For this, the participants will receive a Dao Healing session in which nothing needs to be done except to relax and allow the natural power of the Dao to flow. This type of energy can give us a new start for our entire system and heal us deeply inside.

We will also learn some Daoist tones which helps us to relax and open our whole system. Our nervous system will relax and different parts of our body get regulated. This is also a good time for a invigilation ecercise, which is called “Anxi” in the Dzogchen tradition. Anxi gives us the opportunity to open our minds to the Dao and experience our true nature.

The lessons are given by Mathias Wolters.

Google maps only offers a basic overview on the route. Many smaller roads are not documented.

Daily schedule for Yoga, Qigong & Experience China – A combination tour through ancient China

Day Description
1 Arrival in Kunming: Pick-up service from the airport and transfer to the hotel. Here you are welcomed by Mathias Wolters. Shared dinner.
2 Kunming – Dali: Transfer by bus to Dali to your hotel in the morning. The hotel is located in the historic old town. After the Check-In first introduction and training.
3 Dali: After breakfast we head to the 500 year old Daoist temple in the Cangshan Mountains: The morning training starts at 10 o´clock and ends at 13 o´clock. Afternoon workout from 15-18 o´clock. After training it is enough time to take a walk through the old town Dali. Optionally: Repeat the exercises followed by an Anxi meditation.
4 Dali: Morning Training from 9-12 o´clock, afternoon session from 15-18 o´clock. Free time.
5 Dali – Shaxi: Morning training from 9-13 o´clock. After our training we drive to Shaxi. Shaxi has one of the best preserved old towns of Yunnan and is part of the Tea Horse Road between India, Myanmar and China. Here, many beautiful courtyard houses from the Qing Dynasty can be visited. On the small village square is a 120-year-old stage where theatrical performances took place but also court was held. A rarity for rural China. This shows the former wealth of this small town on the trade route. We stay in a 4 * listed courtyard house, which is a boutique hotel nowadays.
6 Shaxi: Morning training from 9-13 o´clock. In the afternoon we make our way to the Temple Mount Shi Bao Shan where a lot of wild monkeys live. Shi Bao Shan has the most beautiful Buddhist sculpting of southern China and was built in the time of the Nanzhao Kingdom – over 1200 years ago. The mountain was one of the cultural centers of China at that time. Here many poets and famous monks have taught. It is amazing that the sculptures survived the Cultural Revolution unscathed. A numerous amount of small tempels have been built in the rock.
7 Shaxi – Baisha (Lijiang): Morning training from 9-13 o´clock. After lunch we head into the old town of Baisha, 10 km north of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lijiang. Baisha is the less touristy counterpart to Lijiang. In the evening we visit the old town of Lijiang and enjoy the transition from day to night. At night, hundreds of red lanterns light up and let the streets of the old town shine in a lovely light.
8 Baisha (Lijiang): Morning Training from 9-12 o´clock. In the afternoon, the newly founded weaving center of the Naxi minority in Baisha can be visited. Here, famous masters from all over China teach this art craft which almost extinct during the Cultural Revolution. Afternoon session from 15-18 o´clock.
9 Baisha (Lijiang) – Tiger-Leaping-Gorge: Drive in the morning to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Upon arrival at the guest house which overlooks the canyon, we hike into the canyon to Tiger Leaping Stone. The rock is in the middle of the Yangzte River and is walkable. The gorge itself is one of the deepest canyons in the world. The 5.500 meter high Jade Dragon Mountain Chain rises over the gorge. Evening meditation from 21-22 o´clock.
10 Tiger-Leaping-Gorge: A full day of practice in this beautiful natural landscape. Morning Training from 9-12 o´clock, afternoon session from 15-18 o´clock.
11 Tiger-Leaping-Gorge – Shangri-la: Morning training from 9-13 o´clock. Drive to the old town of Shangri-la on the Tibetan plateau in the Himalaya mountains. Check-In into a small boutique guesthouse. The guesthouse offers a wonderful view over the mountains, the largest prayer wheel in the world and of the small town of temples.
12 Shangri-la: Morning training from 9-12 o´clock. Afternoon training from 15-18 o´clock.
13 Shangri-la – Kunming: Training repetition from 9-11 o´clock. Before heading back to Kunming we visit the Sumtsaling Monastery of Shangri-la. The monastery is home to around 500 monks. The monastery dates from the 17th century and has three main meditation halls. In the afternoon flight to Kunming and transfer to the hotel.
14 Kunming departure day: This trip ends after breakfast in Kunming. We are happy to help you with transfer bookings to other destinations in China, Tibet and Laos.

Included services

13 Overnights stays in 3* hotels and guest houses
Qigong- and Yoga-Teacher Mathias Wolters
Local tour guides
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch), Mineral Water / Tee and fresh fruit between the lessons
All transfers between the destinations, from / to the airport
Help with Applying a Chinese visa