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Highlights / Route: Lhasa – Gyangze – Gamba – Tingri – Rongpu (Everest Base camp) – Lhatse – Xigaze (Shigatse) – Namucuo (Namtso) lake – Lhasa
Length: ~ 1800 Km
Duration : 11 days
Style / Character: Adventure trip with overnights in hotels and guesthouses; simple / The focus is on the religious and cultural life of the Tibetan people and the landscape of the Himalayas
Vehicles: 4×4, SUV, Van, Bus

Discover the highlights of Tibet: Drive through the mountains of Tibetan nomads and meet them, see vast lakes, an ancient culture, half-forgotten old towns and monasteries and snow-capped mountains at the base camp of Mount Everest. This adventure brings you not only to the most fascinating cultural and scenic highlights of Tibet but as well to the countryside off the beaten path and over high altitude mountain passes.

Google maps only offers a basic overview on the route. Many smaller roads are not documented.

Daily Itinerary: Trans Tibet Tour – Through Central Tibet with Everest Base Camp

Day Route: Description
1  Arrival in Lhasa: Transfer to the hotel and dinner in the following. Afterwards short orientation in Lhasa.
2  Sightseeing and acclimatization in Lhasa: We visit the Potala Palace and the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. In the afternoon we have time for the Bharkor market and walk around with hundreds of pilgrims to the Jokhang Temple, the most important temple for Tibetans in the historic old town. Overnight stay in the old city of Lhasa.  
3  Lhasa – Gyangze: We leave Lhasa and drive along the Lhasa River to the lake Yang Zhuo Yong Co, where we have a stop to enjoy the landscape. We continue via Nagarze to get to Gyangze. In Gyangze there’s an old fort (Jamze Dzong) , the 100,000 images Monastery (Monastery Palcho) and also the largest stupa of Tibet.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 5h
4  Gyangze – Gamba: From Gyangze we drive in southwestern direction to Gamba. From Kangmar the road gets really rural and without any traffic. On the hills there are numerous monasteries and ruins of old times.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7h
5  Gamba – Tingri: The road winds further up to the Himalaya. We drive through some canyons and over mountain passes with a spectacular view. Tingri is a popular starting point for Everest Tours, and we gonna stay here overnight.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 9h
6  Tingri – Rongbuk Monastery (Everest Base Camp): We continue over a 50-kilometer gravel road to the Rongbuk Monastery, where we arrive in the late morning. Depending on the weather, we walk to the Everest base Camp on the same day or the day after. The walk is about 1.5 hours long.
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7  Rongbuk Monastery (Everest Base Camp) – Lhatse: From the monastery we take the road to Lhatse. In Lhatse we stay in the old town. It is possible to have a short hike up to the old fortification (Lhatse Dzong), which offers a great view of the Lhatse Gorge. The Yarlung Tsangpo River leads through the Canyon. Some geologists considered this Gorge as one of the deepest in the world. It is longer than the Grand Canyon.
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8  Lhasa – Xigaze (Shigatse): Our destination today is Xigaze. Here we find the largest and most important monastery of Western Tibet: Tashilhunpo.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 8h
9  Xigaze – Namucuo Lake (Lake Namtso): Definitely the longest day on the road. In the late afternoon we reach the wide Namco Lake. On the sandy beach of the lake we end the day and enjoy the sunset with a cold drink.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 7 1/2h
10  Namucuo Lake (Namtso Lake) – Lhasa: Within six hours over the old road we are back to Lhasa. Here its time to say goodbye to this unique country and its people.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 3 1/2h
11  The journey ends in Lhasa After breakfast, our adventure ends in Lhasa. This trip can be extended, for example with a multi-day hike through Tibet, another trip through Yunnan or a city trip to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.


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Canyon River in TibetOvernights stays in hotels and guest houses
English speaking tour guide
All Tibet Permits
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch), Mineral Water
Help with applying a Chinese visa