Date: On request
Price: On request
Highlights / Route: Nanning – Huashan Mural – Detian Waterfalls – Mingshi Tianyuan – Guilin – Yangshuo – Longsheng – Guilin
Length: ~ 1180 Km (inkl. Flight)
Duration: 10 Days
Character / Style: Activ holiday with a focus on walking tours / biking tours / boat rides / landscape / familyfriendly
Vehicles: Private Vehicle


Experience the spectacular landscape of Chinas South. The province Guangxi is especially known für its karst mountains and its around those winding courses of rivers. On this 10 day journey you and your family will experience the highlights of this steady warm region. Die biggest minority here are the Zhuang with 32% of the population in Guangxi. This officially recognized nationality belongs to the Tai-people, which are spread all over Southeast Asia. The journey firstly leads towards the southwest of the province close to the Vietnamese border. The Detian-Waterfall even stretches over Chinese and Vietnamese territory. Highlights of this tour are a boat ride in Yangshuo along the Li-River past the karst mountains on a bamboo raft and the Dragon Backbone riceterraces, a masterpiece of agriculture, which rises up to 1000m altitude.

We concentrate on this tour on making the South of China, especially Guangxi in this case, accessible to the whole family. Activities like hikes and bike tours are numerous and are offered on this tour.

An active holiday for the entire family.

Optionally you are able to book two days in Hongkong before continuing the journey towards Guangxi.


Family Travel to Guangxi and its breathtaking scenery



Day Route: Description
1  Flight to Nanning: Arrival in Nanning and Transfer to the hotel. Dinner with the Guide to get to know each other; apart from that spare time. If the plane arrives early in the morning, you are free to skip the first night in Nanning.
2  Nanning – Pingxiang : With the car you will ride from the hotel towards the Vietnamese border. On the way you will visit the 2000 years old murals of Huashan. Those were painted by the Luoye, ancestors of the Zhuang people; but why they were painted is still a mystery. The largest figure is about 30m. After a family friendly boat ride to the astonishing rocks, the journey continues to the east for an overnight stay in Pingxiang.
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3  Pingxiang – Mingshi Mountain Village: For the upcoming two nights you are heading for an extraordinary place. The Mingshi Mountain Village Resort is quite impossible to surpass considering the closeness to nature and ist comfort. Directely located next to a river, this location offers exklusivness. Also the kids will like the swimming pool area etc. On the same day you will be introduced to the pleasure of visiting the Detian-Waterfalls. It is embeded in verdant green and you can get real close by a raft.
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4  Mingshi Tianyuan: The meandering course of the river is inviting for a little walking tour or a bike tour; e.g. to the Mingshi Movie Base. Additionally rides on a bamboo raft are possible. The original atmosphere far from touristic hustle are suitable to just lean back and let the magic of this place effect you.
5  Mingshi Mountain Village – Guilin: By plane you head from the southwest of the province to the northeast. Depending on the time of the flight the guide will provide activities in Tianyuan or Guilin. In the evening the new guide in Guilin receiving you for dinner in a local restaurant.
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6  Guilin – Yangshuo: Orientation walk to Bilian peak, which offers great views on the surroundings. In the afternoon ride on a bamboo raft on the Li River towards Xingping for around one and a half hours. 
You will experience spectacular views upon the bizzar karst stone landscapes of Yangshuo. Close to Xingping you will see the landscape which is printed on the Chinese 20 Yuan note.
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7  Yangshuo: On this day you will take a bicycle ride to the Black Buddha Caves and later to the famous Moon Hill, a natural stone arch and a landmark of Yangshuo.
 In the afternoon you are free to spend some time on your own, enjoy the numerous cafés around or just read a book near the river. Optionally you can book an air ballon flight which would provide some exclusiv astonishing views upon the karst mountains and the fields among them.
8  Yangshuo – Pingan: Today, the road leads you north to one of the most fascinating rice terraces of China: the Dragon´s  Back Bone Rice Terraces. The area of Pingan offers stunning views on terraced paddy fields and small minority villages. 
Before arriving near Pingan, you will visit the impressive Chengyang Wind and Rain bridge near Sanjiang, which is the longest (78m) nailless bridge in the area. The bridge was built by the Dong minority and it took them about 12 years for the completion.
[icon color=”#3f3f3f” size=”20px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-stopwatch”] 3 1/2h
9  Pingan: The rice terraces rise up to an altitude of 1000 meter and many photo stops allow spectacular views upon this unique and almost surreal landscape. 
On this day you will take a day hike from the village of Pingan to the village of Dazhai through the terraces. Explore small minority farming villages and the culture and life vibe of the rice terraces and its people.
10  Pingan – Guilin – Departure: Transfer to Guilin airport and end of the tour.


Included services:
Overnight stays in mid range hotels1-2
Vehicle with driver
All airport / train station transfers
Flight Nanning – Guilin
Courier, English speaking
Help for applying a Chinese visa
Flight booking service