4×4 and Motorbike Combo Tour for Chinese New Year 2017 through Yunnan

This 4×4 and motorbike Tour takes you on a weeklong journey through the impressive southern province of Yunnan. Enjoy the historic old towns of Dali and Shaxi in the evening with its beautiful illuminated buildings. Drive on winding mountain roads, through small villages, along innumerable rice terraces and relax while a break at the famous Buddhist Temple and Monkey Mountain Shi Bao Shan. Breathtaking panoramic views across wooded hills and the first great Yangtze bend, before we continue our trip towards the Tiger Leaping Gorge – one of the deepest gorges in the world. Passing 5000 meter high mountains, we drive over hilly grounds to the Lugu-Lake, which offers a beautiful overnight stay with its small beaches and Tibetan tempels in the forest.


Tour overview

Date: JAN 27,  2017/ On request
Price: 1185 USD p.P.  /  Single supplement: 325 USD
Highlights / Route : Dali – Shaxi – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Lijiang (Shuhe) – Lugu-See – Dali
Length: ~ 950 Km
Duration : 7 days / 5 riding days
Style / Character: 4×4 and Motorbike Combi-Tour with overnight stays in 3* Hotels and guesthouses.
Vehicles:  Four wheel drive, SUV, Van or Bus


Google maps only offers a basic overview on the route.
Many smaller roads are not documented.


Daily itinerary

Day Route: Description
1 Arrival in Dali: Airport pickup and transfer to your Hotel in Dali old town. Walk through the old town of Dali and visit the 12 century old Three Pagodas – Free time. In the evening we have a shared dinner in a restaurant with local specialties.
2 Dali – Shaxi: Drive to the old town of Shaxi. The SUV´s take the direct route to Shaxi and make a stop at the Buddhist temple and Monkey Mountain Shi Bao Shan. After a short hike we can visit 1200 years old stone engravings which are one of the best preserved engravings in Southwest China. A lot of small tempels were built into the rock walls. From the top of the mountain you have got a beautiful view over the valleys and villages. The motorbike group will drive along small country roads with little traffic, along rice terraces and through small villages to Shaxi. Upon arrival in Shaxi you have enough time to visit the Shi Bao Shan Mountain. Shaxi is like many other places and villages part of the Tee Horse Road and still remembers much of this time such as the arched stone bridge over the river or the village square with the wooden stage. Driving time motorbike: 4,5 hours / Driving time SUV´s 2 hours / Short hike 1 hour
3 Shaxi – Shigu – Tiger Leaping Gorge: Even today the motorbike and SUV groups split up. Both groups come in different ways to Shigu, where the Yangtze takes its first bend and changes its course by 170 degress to the northeast on its long way down from the Tibetan plateau. From a nearby hill we have a beautiful panoramic view over the bend, Shigu and the mountains. We will follow the Yangtze and continue our trip towards to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Here at the Tiger Leaping Gorge there are magnificent views of the gorge and the 5.500 meter high Jade Dragon Mountain Chain. We spend the night in a small cozy guesthouse at the end of the gorge. From here there is a little hike into the gorge to the Tiger Leaping Stone. The walk-in stone is located in the waters of the Yangtze and the spray of the river flows around the stone. Driving time motorbikes: 4.5 hours / Driving times SUV´s 2.5 hours / Easy – medium hike 2.5 hours
4 Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shuhe (Lijiang): Short drive to Shuhe which is close to Lijang. Shuhe is an old Town 5 km north of Lijiang and the untouristic counterpart to Lijang. Free time in Shuhe. In the afternoon we have a guided walk through the UNESCO World Heritage old Town of Lijang. In Shuhe you have the possibility to ride horses over the small hills close to the old town or to take a short bike ride. Driving time motorbikes: 2.5 hours / Driving times SUV´s 2 hours
5 Shuhe (Lijiang) – Lugu-Lake: On the way to the Lugu-Lake we take different ways along the course of the Yangtze whose river bend is getting wider along the way. The roads to Lugu-Lake will lead us through small villages and hilly landscapes where the people grow wheat and rice. The area around the lake is inhibited by a small minority, the Mosu. The wooded lakefront with its small sandy beaches and buddhist tempels is the perfect place for a rest. We stay on the peninsula Lige, directly on the lakefront. From here you can take a rowboat to various islands in the lake. Driving time motorbike: 4.5 hours / Driving time SUV´s 3 hours
6 Lugu-Lake – Dali: After the breakfast we drive back to Dali . Driving time motorbike: 6,5 hours / Driving time SUV´s 5 hours
7 Dali Day of departure: Transfer to the airport.


Included Services:

[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] Overnights stays in 3* hotels and guest houses
[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] English speaking tour guide
[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] Accompanying vehicle for equipment and luggage
[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] Meals (Breakfast, lunch), mineral water
[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] Gas, engine oil, spare parts
[icon color=”#000000″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-plus”] Help with applying a Chinese visa