We often receive curious enquiries regarding the mandatory guide. Many Overland travellers think the guide is a government liaison or in another way directly associated with the authorities.

This is not the case:

All of our guides have many years of experience and will assist you the best way possible during your China Overland Tour. In addition, our guides have the national guiding license which enables them to be your guide. They are private persons who make a living with guiding.  They are not hired nor payed by the authorities not will they they report your activities to the authorities. Your guide is hired by Tibetmoto and he/she receives the salaries for their work from us. Your guide also makes sure that you respect the agreement and the itinerary which is base for your China transit. He is also liable for you and can lose the national guiding license if you deviated from the agreed-on route or violate Chinese rules, regulations and laws.