Together with the initial invoice for the deposit payment we will invite all group members to a shared dropbox folder. Dropbox is a free cloud service and in the app you will find folders labelled with your name and sub-folders labelled with the documents which need to be uploaded (in addition to the form which you also need to fill out). Since dropbox is a cloud service, your group and the Tibetmoto team will have shared access to all documents at all times – which comes in handy also for you if there is need to access those files during your journey. We will also have the advantage that insufficient files can be easily re-uploaded, replaced and we all know what is online and what is missing. Note that dropbox is synchronised: Never delete any files – they will be deleted for everyone sharing the folder – also for us. If dropbox does not work for you, the group members can send me their files as a zip file with the free service But due to the size please not by email.