Datum: Every Monday; Meeting at 09:00 in Dali Old Town; Registration is required / Other departures on request
Price: 400 RMB incl. Lunch
Highlights: Training in an Ancient Daoist Temple – Dali Old Town, Yunnan
Optional: Day before evening taster course (free of charge)
Duration: 1 day; extended training is possible on request
Training Goal: Receiving of a beginner´s series of movements; being able to it in daily life without supervision
Media: Gallery –  Film

During this one day class the participant will learn first movements from the system Calligraphy Yoga and Qigong from Master Yang. We offer you the opportunity to get to know this beautiful and health-promoting system. The movements are easy to learn, and you will receive already an effective and wholesome system. It will be possible for you to continue the movements at home by yourself.

Each participant will get personal training and adjustment, so that you will get familiar and confident with the movements.
We learn a deep and effective breathing which we integrate into all the movements. This kind of breathing is the base for health and the flow in the blood system. The combination of movement and breathing will give us a deep relaxation in our body, mind and heart. The movements have a great influence on our spine and the nervous system. Many diseases have their origin in the breathing and in the spine.
Calligraphy Qigong can charge up and regenerate with new Qi (life energy), Calligraphy Yoga will give us through stretching the body and moving our spine the correct flow in our body.

Iin the workshop we will as well learn relaxing Daoistic healing sounds, so that everybody can learn the movements in a relaxed atmosphere and the whole system becomes open and regulated.

The class will be instructed by Mathias Wolters.

Day Experiences
1 Day before evening taster course (free of charge)
2 Full practice day: Teaching from 9-12am and 2-6pm. Including lunch with local Yunnan specialties.

This training plan is 100% adjustable to your time frame!

Included Services:

Qigong and Yoga instructor Mathias Wolters
Lunch in a restaurant with local specialties