Motorcyle Rental

For reservations send us a message.

Day(s)             Price/day
      1-2          CN¥ 200
3 or more          CN¥ 180


All our motorbikes are in good shape and come with a 150cc engine.

New: 250cc motorcycles

Motorcycle          Price / Day
Qingqi LIGER         On request
Yamaha YBR         On request
  • Passport copy
  • International motorcycle driving license copy (*)
  • ¥2000 cash deposit (**) for 150cc motorbikes
  • A rental contract in duplicate will be signed (***)

* We DO NOT rent our motorcycles without the presentation of a driver’s license!
** We DO NOT accept valuables, like passports or electronic devices, etc. as deposit!
*** We will keep copies of your passport and driver’s license, never the original documents

  • The motorcycle (gasoline in the tank is included)
  • Helmet
  • A full body motorcycle rain jacket
  • Gloves
  • Do not drive faster than 60 kilometers per hour (around 35 miles per hour).Driving faster than 60 km/h can endanger your live, due to Chinese traffic and road conditions! Also notice, that you are driving a 150 cc motorcycle. Driving faster can result in heavy and certainly expensive engine damage.
  • Do not enter any city boundaries, including Xiaguang (15 kilometers south of Dali Old Town) or Lijiang. Motorcycles of 150 cc engine size are not allowed to enter cities. Violating this rule can lead to the confiscation of the vehicle by the police.
  • Do not drive without wearing a helmet. Not wearing a helmet can cause severe injuries and even death.
  • Do honk when overtaking other vehicles. Most people think the engine, the tires, the brakes, or perhaps the chain is the main part of a motorcycle. In China it is the horn…
  • You got lost? You can call us between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.